The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - Chapter 12 - Grandpa, Why Don’t You Just Kill Me?

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Yun Chujiu looked at her handiwork with a satisfied expression. Great, there were no signs of injuries on the other party's face at all. Even if this brat were to complain to others that he was beaten up, there would be no proof at all.

And now that Yun Chuer was rolling on the ground in pain, his actions caused the mark of her shoes on his robe to no longer be visible. 

Yun Chujiu looked around at the servants who were watching them, and those horrified servants furiously gazed at the floor. 

"If anyone asks you about this, just say that my second brother fell down because his eyesight failed him. Do you hear me? If any of you dare to spout bullshit, I'll make sure that my Shadowless Kick will kiss your face."

'That's so cruel!'

'That's so shameless!'

'You're obviously the one who kicked him, okay!?'

'Is it really okay for us to lie like that?'

But these servants did not want to get "kissed" by Yun Chujiu's feet. Moreover, they were working in the head of household's residence. Hence, even though Yun Chujiu was being a b*tch, they had no choice but to take her side.

When Yun Chujiu saw the servants nodding, she flashed a satisfied smile. She grabbed a few pieces of silver from Yun Chuer's money pouch and tossed the money to the servants. While she did this, she had to endure the metaphorical pain in her heart, because she had to give up on money. 

"Here you go, some money to soothe your frightened souls. Also, if any of you dare to curse me behind my back again in the future, I'll make sure to teach you a lesson with my Shadowless Kick!"

After Yun Chujiu finished speaking, she left with a spring in her steps and a tree branch behind her back.

As the servants looked at Yun Chuer, who was screaming in pain, and at the silver they were holding, they immediately made a decision.

"Ah! Oh, no! The second young master fell down!"

"Where're all the servants in the second mistress' residence? Hurry up and come here! The second young master had a bad fall!"


Yun Chuer was so furious when he heard those heartless servants that he fainted right away!

Yun Chuer's lackeys soon rushed over. Yun Chuer was planning to get some money from Yun Chujiu to have a feast at a brothel, so he had asked these lackeys of his to leave him alone. These lackeys were glad to do so and had some free time, and they were about to return to the second mistress' residence.

When the servants from the head of household's residence saw that the second mistress' servants were here, they quickly said, "Oh, goodness! The second young master suddenly fell as he was walking! Hurry up and take a look!

"Yeah, could it be that the second young master has had a little too much to drink? Hurry up, bring him back and get a physician to check on him!"


Yun Chuer's servants were confused and puzzled. However, there were no signs of injury on Yun Chuer's body, and he did not look like he was beaten up. Moreover, who the h*ck in the Yun family's home would dare beat up the second young master? He must have tripped and fallen on his own. 

After Yun Chuer was carried away by his servants, all the servants in the head of the household's residence covered their mouths and snickered. The ninth young mistress was seriously wicked! There were not any signs of injury on the second young master's body, and even if he were to tell other people that he was beaten up by Yun Chujiu after he woke up, no one would believe him.

Was the ninth young mistress not renowned for being a piece of trash? Why was she suddenly so powerful today? She actually beat the second young master, who was in the Second Level of Spirit Refinement Realm. How strange!

It seemed that the ninth young mistress was not such a despicable person, after all. She gave them more money than all the other young mistresses and young masters in the household!

Yun Chujiu had no idea that she had made some progress in clearing her name. Right now, she was standing outside Yun Xiaotian's study and craning her head to look inside. 

Someone in the study cleared his throat, and a deep and sonorous voice rang out, "Young Jiu, is that you? Come in!"

Yun Chujiu spent some time getting herself into a despondent mood. She thought about what a tragedy it was that she had transmigrated into the past, and tears rolled down her cheeks. Her eyes were already red to begin with because she was also crying when she was begging Di Beiming to spare her life just now, so she cut a very pathetic sight.

"Grandpa, Grandpa, I know that I have made a mistake! Grandpa, I am here to offer you my sincerest apologies and to ask you to punish me!

"Bai Moyu tricked me into giving him the Soul-Gathering Pill, and he almost took my life! Now, I've finally seen his true colors!

"Sob, sob, Grandpa, I was wrong! Why don't you just kill me? I can't even be considered as a human anymore. I've been so ungrateful… Truly, I've betrayed your kindness!

"Grandpa, after you beat me to death, please bury me beside the tombs containing my dad and mom's clothes! Even though I am unable to repay the Yun family for all the kindness everyone had given me in this life by raising me and taking care of me, I will definitely atone for my sins upon reincarnation even if I have to become a cow or a horse!

"Sob, sob. I really regret what I have done. Sob, sob, Grandpa, go ahead and beat me to death! Could you be so kind as to kill me with one slap? Please don't prolong my suffering!" Yun Chujiu's tiny body was trembling like a leaf as she cried, and she looked like she was about to pass out at any moment. 

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