This Game is Too Real - Chapter 644 The spoiled fruit entities

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  Chapter 644 The spoiled fruit entities

   "Why do you have to talk about it on the B7 floor? Didn't I say that I'm busy these days—what the hell?!"

  The B7 floor of the shelter.

  When Yin Fang reluctantly walked out of the elevator and stepped onto the B7 floor, he froze in place with a dazed expression on his face.

   After a moment of sluggishness, he turned his neck dumbly, looked at Chu Guang who was standing next to the terminal with a smile on his face, and said with an incredulous expression on his face.

   "...This is, the shelter you manage?"

   Chu Guang nodded.

   "Obviously yes."

  Seeing him nodding his face as if nothing had happened, Yin Fang almost couldn't hold back his spray.

   "Then why didn't you take it out before?!"

  Hearing this sentence, Chu Guang's expression was a little subtle.

   I really want to!

  But the question is, what can the first-generation manager do if he doesn’t give me?

   But this explanation is too troublesome. With Yin Fang's inquisitive character, I'm afraid he will ask endlessly. Chu Guang spent a few seconds making up a reason, and said casually with a light cough.

   "...I forgot the password to enter this floor, and I just remembered it recently."

  Yin Fang stared blankly at Chu Guang, almost writing the big words "Do you think I'll believe you?" written on his face.

  However, Chu Guang didn't intend to explain more, so he changed the topic directly.

   "Please help me to find out, what level are these devices roughly equivalent to?"

  Yin Fang took a deep breath, took a full minute to calm down, and then continued.

   "...Let's put it this way, if an ordinary survivor settlement gets this set of processing equipment, as long as those people are not stupid enough to use it to peel apples for fun, there will be no problem sending them from the early industrial age to the information age!"

  Chu Guang was slightly lost.

   "Is it just the information age?"

   "...I'm talking about a general survivor colony, but the question is, are we a general survivor colony?"

  Yin Fang looked at Chu Guang in disbelief, and couldn't help but continue to complain.

"We not only have a huge industrial area, but also a systematic scientific research and archaeological system, hundreds of experts working around this system, and a city-level fusion reactor! I didn't even count the thousand cubic meters of nuclear fuel and The data in this database is just the information age? Are you kidding me, we can even build another ideal city on this wasteland—”

   When talking about this, Yin Fang suddenly stopped, staring at Chu Guang's eyes gradually changed from hating iron to being inconceivable.

  He suddenly whispered a sentence.

   "Good guy, it turned out to be true..."

  Chu Guang frowned slightly.


"I remember you said that you were going to build a new ideal city on these ruins. I thought you were joking..." Yin Fang swallowed, his eyes sparkled with excitement, and he muttered to himself dreamily, " You are not joking, you are serious!"

  Looking at the nagging Yin Fang, Chu Guang's hesitant expression gradually became subtler.

   It turned out to be this matter.

  He seems to have said so...

   But to be honest, it was just a cake he drew at random, and it might even be confiscated when he said hey during an impromptu speech. What's more, his people really went to the company to take a look later, and he didn't have the nerve to brag about what the legendary ideal city looked like.

   As of today, even before Yin Fang said those words, Chu Guang never thought that such a day would really come.


"When did I ever lie to you? My friend," Chu Guang continued solemnly looking at Yin Fang with an unbelievable expression, "As you said, we not only have a huge industrial zone, but also a group of excellent scientific researchers. personnel, a giant reactor, and a pile of nuclear fuel and technical reserves that don't bother to mention... most importantly, we have you."

   "I..." Yin Fang blushed, and his voice stammered from excitement.

"There is no need to be humble. I believe that with your experience and ability, as well as your understanding of the era of prosperity, you know far better than me, the manager of the shelter, how to maximize the value of this device. I believe you can take us to that era. Take a look instead of cherishing cultural relics.”

  Looking at Yin Fang whose old face turned into a pig liver, Chu Guang patted him on the shoulder and said earnestly, "I'll leave it to you!"


real world.

   Herds of cattle and horses.

  The discussion about the Beta 0.6 version of "Wasteland OL" has spread from the forum to the small group of players.

  Compared to the nonsense of sand sculpture netizens, the old players who were in the game in the early version still prefer to listen to Brother Fang's nonsense.

  However, what is different from usual is that, compared to the fruiting body development system that has spread all over the forum, Brother Fang is more concerned about the most inconspicuous line in the update announcement.

   "...Actually, I'm more curious about what the B7 layer is than the fruiting body development system."

  Ye Shi: "I thought you would say that you were more curious about what bug Ah Guang fixed. (Funny

  Old Bai: "Haha, Ah Guang won't tell you."

  Fang Chang: "It's serious, I'm not joking with you."

   Quit smoking: "B7 floor? Wait, isn't B6 floor the lowest floor of the shelter? (Stay

Fang Chang: "Hey, you didn't read the announcement carefully at all. Beta 0.6 version update focuses on not only the fruiting body cultivation system, but also a large number of relics located in the urban area of ​​Qingquan City, and then it is the B7 floor of the shelter I mentioned. .”

  As for the Gaia planet, Fang Chang automatically ignored it.

   This big pie five light-years away has nothing to do with the mainline of the current version. I'm afraid that even if it does go there, there will only be a few stickers.

  As for taking it out separately and putting it in the update, the factor of overall work may be greater than the actual factor.

  He understands Ah Guang so well!

   But the B7 floor of the shelter is different.

  As a refuge that has existed since the server was opened, the unlocking progress of the floors of this refuge has always been closely related to the development of the alliance!

  Even every time a new floor is unlocked, it will have a big change in the gameplay of the entire game.

  He had reason to believe it would be the same this time.

   But what is intriguing is that although the update mentioned the unlocking of the new floor, he went online just now and tried all the elevators that can be used in the shelter, but he couldn't find the entrance to the new floor.

   This is even stranger!

  Seeing that Fang Chang had been selling this **** for a long time without saying anything, Ye Shi, who was aroused by his curiosity, couldn't help typing and asking.

   "Then what do you think the B7 floor will be? (curious

  Fang Chang: "Skip the unlocked B5 floor, B6 floor is a biological laboratory, I have reason to suspect that B7 floor should be a physics or engineering laboratory, or at least a facility related to this!"

  Guangfeng: "Physics laboratory...I don't think it makes much sense to have a collider in the shelter, and the research of theoretical science is too cost-effective for the special situation in the wasteland."

Fang Chang: "I have the same opinion as you, and from the perspective of the game, it is difficult for a physics laboratory to have a direct impact on the player's game experience. Therefore, I can make a bold guess that the B7 floor should be a Related to the engineering field, especially experiments or production facilities related to machine manufacturing!"

  Scrambled eggs with tomatoes: "What you said is too profound, I have a headache, so let's just talk about the impact on the gameplay. (Wry smile

   Quit smoking: "+1"

  Fang Chang: "Do you still remember the high-tech equipment drawn in the previous version?"

  WC really has mosquitoes: "Hiss, wait, I really want to understand what you mean! You want to say... those equipments are actually produced on the B7 floor?! (Surprise

Fang Chang: "That's right, and this possibility is very high! Not surprisingly, starting from version Beta 0.6, the out-of-print costumes that used to be obtained through lottery will gradually start to drop rights, and release them in the form of limited purchases. Middle-level players are even reduced to whiteboard equipment in NPC shops."

  Ye Shi: "Fuck?!"

  Old Bai: "Really? (Surprised

   Keep people under the sword: "6666!"

   Picking up trash level 99: "Hahahaha, Brother Guang is amazing! Finally cut you guys, this knife is comfortable! (Laughing

Ye Shi: "Cut, what are you excited about? No matter how cheap high-end equipment is, you, a guy with less than five IQs, can't use it! And my Gauss rifle is so bad that even Mengxin will have one. If you scratch your paws, don’t pull your hips any more, who will be cut off?”

   Picking up trash level 99: "Damn it?!"

  Knife keeps people under the knife: "The clown is actually myself. (Funny

  Responses from the group of friends to Brother Fang's version prediction vary.

  There are those who gloat, and those who have shrunk in value and shouted shit, and those who eat melons and watch dramas, or those who have nothing to do with themselves.

  Fang Chang is very open-minded.

  He is very clear that for any game, with the rotation of the version, it will be a matter of time before the **** costume becomes a whiteboard.

  Especially during the beta test phase, operators usually have a more important task than the game experience of a small number of beta test players—to develop the various systems of the game as perfect as possible.

   It is unrealistic to only take care of the game experience of a small number of players.

Fang Chang: "Actually, looking at it from another angle, this might not be a bad thing. The previous version's combat power ceiling was either equipment provided by the shelter, or captured from other survivor forces. Bullying the natives is enough. , but objectively, there is still a big gap compared with the veteran survivor forces."

   "The previous magic costume has become a popular item, and there will always be a new magic costume. I think it is worth looking forward to. (Funny


  The B7 floor of the refuge is not yet open to players, and Fang Chang's speculation about the Beta0.6 version is just a guess.

  However, many careful players have noticed that NPC shops are quietly enriching.

  The most typical of these is probably the hummingbird drone.

   Originally, there were no purchase channels, but now they can be purchased on the official website. The contribution level reaches citizens, and each person can only purchase one. The price is only 10,000 silver coins, which is equivalent to the price of a set of five-style "light cavalry" exoskeletons.

  Compared with the Y-series UAVs developed by the alliance, the Hummingbird UAV has a better viewing angle, more flexible maneuverability and stronger concealment, which is equivalent to a small satellite shuttling through the ruins.

  Of course, in order to protect the privacy of other players, privately held drones of this type are forbidden to fly in the safe zone, and must not be more than five meters above the ground, and can only be used as a follow-up camera.

   In addition, there is the nitrogen-powered hammer of the manager, which can also be bought in the NPC shop now!

   However, the price of this hammer is not cheap. It is said that the production process is cumbersome and complicated. It costs 200,000 silver coins, which can keep up with a Gauss rifle!

   Yes, now the NPC store can even buy the pre-war Type 20 "Needle" Gauss Rifle! It is also the one that managers often carry with them!

This thing has a higher technical content than the 15-style "Python" Gauss rifle that Ye Shi loves to put it down. It not only adopts a special design without a barrel, but also has the ability to shoot iron nails and iron pieces picked up at random. ability!

   If a hammer that needs to be used with power armor still makes people hesitate, the 20-style "needle" was emptied of inventory almost as soon as it landed in the NPC store, and hundreds of them were sold!

   Only this piece of equipment collected 20 million silver coins for the alliance in one day. Chu Guang was so happy from ear to ear, he hurriedly asked Xiao Qi to arrange another batch of production orders to supplement the shelves.

  Although Fang Chang’s prediction that the limited edition equipment has changed to whiteboard equipment has not yet happened, the old version of the **** outfit seems to have quietly opened the curtain as the version rolls over to the whiteboard...


   On the other side, the eastern ecological protection zone of Qingquan City.

  A hungry mutant hyena is crawling under the shadow of the jungle, staring greedily at the gnawing eaters not far away who are shaking their heads.

  Although for non-Physical players, gnawers cannot be eaten directly, this common sense obviously does not apply to scavengers such as mutant hyenas, cockroaches, and vultures.

  Especially when the winter has just passed and most of the alien species are hungry, even if the slime mold fruiting body is not delicious, they have to consider using this thing to satisfy their hunger first.

   After confirming that there was no threat, the hyena let out a low growl, like an arrow off the string, and rushed towards the eater.

  However, at this moment, an unforgettable thing happened.

  The nibbler who was standing there dumbfounded suddenly turned his neck, smiled strangely at it that jumped up, and then kicked it up.

  I have never seen such a nimble eater before. Unexpectedly, the mutated hyena was kicked firmly in the stomach, and rolled on the ground whimpering.

   Immediately afterwards, something even more unbelievable happened. The usually stupid eater took out a pistol from nowhere!

  Seeing that the human weapon appeared in the hands of the eater, the mutated hyena ignored the hunger in its stomach, got up in fright, turned around and ran away.

  The gnawer holding the pistol raised his arm like a reed stick, wobbled at the fleeing hyena, and shot it with a "bang!"

  Unfortunately, the shot was missed.

  The bullet brushed past the fleeing mutant hyena, and then whizzed into the dense bushes, disappearing from the vision of the gnawing man.

  The eater seemed unwilling to give up, chasing the direction where the hyena disappeared and fired a few more shots, emptying the magazine of the pistol.

  However, helplessly, the power of the Gnaw is too weak, probably only between 2 and 3, and the next few shots will fly into the sky.

  The prey completely disappeared, and the nibbler turned into a dazed look again, standing still in place without moving.

  In the bushes on the other side, the three players stood up cursing, patted their muddy pants, and shook off the leaves and grass clippings on their bodies.

   "MMP! This thing is too stupid!" Father Silver stepped forward, snatched the pistol from the eater, and pinned it to himself.

  It should still be feasible to train as cannon fodder, but it may be a bit whimsical to expect this guy to be able to fight the front line alone.

   Maybe you should buy a more expensive one?

  He couldn't help thinking in his heart, maybe he could consider buying a creeper or a tyrant to try.

  Silver Sword looked at this guy mockingly.

   "Is there a possibility that you are too bad?"

  Baiyin's father was immediately unhappy when he heard this.

   "Joke! Is it possible that I am empty-handed at such a short distance? You can install a biological prosthesis and try it out. This thing is not ordinary difficult to operate."

  Silver Shield sighed, cut into the topic and said.

   "The main reason is that the intelligence is too low. I heard that some newly awakened intelligence department can manipulate this thing to charge forward with a rifle."

   Speaking of this, he shook his head helplessly.

   "Hey, you guys are pitted against each other! When I first chose the sequence, I insisted on grabbing the strength department. Now it's all right, all of you have become younger brothers."

  Silver Sword couldn't help spraying immediately.

   "Are you so embarrassed? Who changed his mind?"

  Hearing this, Silver Shield was a little embarrassed.

  He just remembered that the one who suddenly changed his mind seemed to be himself...

  Seeing that the atmosphere was a bit stiff, Father Baiyin coughed dryly and said.

   "Okay, okay, stop arguing, it's the old calendar from many years ago, give your father and me a face, if it doesn't work, it's the same if we take mechanical ascension—"

  Silver Sword: "Get lost! Who is my father—bah, I am your father!"

  Silver Shield: "¥%#@!"

  The commotion of the Silver Corps was just a small episode in the ecological reserve.

   Judging from the feedback posts on the Beta0.6 version on the forum, most players who have adopted fruit entities have a pretty good game experience.

  Especially for intelligence players whose sequence level has reached LV20—or even LV30, the Beta 0.6 update has completely liberated their hands!

   For example, big eyes in debt.

After learning that the succubus with red pupils and white hair could not be bought, this fellow simply took out 10,000 silver coins and bought 120 gnawers, and gave each of these gnawers a handful of Iron-barreled rifles sold by jin.

  Although the IQ of the gnawer can't aim at things at all, but the accuracy is not enough, you can use the amount to make up!

   Not only that, he also bought a chair that was strong enough, tied two steel bars to make a sedan chair, and separated four eaters to carry him to walk.

  With this mighty group of nibblers, he searched the eastern suburbs for a long time, and finally found an unlucky mutant grizzly bear.

  Big Eyes didn't say a word when he saw the situation, and immediately made the gnawers under his command stand in a row, and aimed at the guy with an iron-pipe rifle.

   "Fire!" Liao Dayan shouted excitedly.

The grizzly bear's right paw was pressing the hyena caught from nowhere. Before he could figure out what was going on with the predators, he saw a string of gun flames flickering, and then he and the hyena The 7mm rifle bullets that were shot into a sieve.

  Looking at the mutated grizzly bear that was covered in blood holes and fell to the ground with a bang, the debtor's big eyes let out a swollen strange smile.

   "Quack quack quack, what the **** is it like to be an army alone!"

   Standing aside, the construction site boy and Brick looked at this smug guy, and after all, he couldn't help but feel sour while envious.

   "Come on, you, just a group of shrimp soldiers and crab generals, a dump truck can destroy you."

  He is of the strength department.

  Although 10 points of intelligence are barely enough, but seeing the **** and tearful posts made by other power players on the forum, he finally gave up on the idea of ​​becoming a summoner.

   Seeing this guy's sour appearance, the big debt-paying eyes chuckled nonchalantly.

   "Tch, you know a hammer, and I will stand up and let you create it? Little ones, show your talent, and open your eyes to this ignorant bumpkin!"

   At the same time as the voice fell, Lian Dayan closed his eyes, his brows were tight like constipation.

  As the consciousness established a direct connection, the Nibblers who were originally standing in a row immediately under his direct control, like acrobats stacked up Arhats in the open space.

  The construction site boy and Zhuan were dumbfounded.

   Good guy!

   Ah San? !

  Looking at the Nibbler who was juggling not far away, the expression on the edge of the paddling was a little subtle, and he looked at Brother Mole beside him.

  “…I always feel that Aguang is using us to train AI.”

  The mole on the run in the canyon smiled.

   "It really seems like something Ah Guang can do."

   But so what?


  Just have fun!

   In such a short period of time, he thought of at least ten kinds of coquettish operations that can be realized through these fruit entities.

   It's a pity that the wave has just ended, and the alliance will usher in a period of development. Considering the game experience of professional players in life, there should be no large-scale wars in a short time.

   To verify those brain holes, I can only wait until the next time I release the data...

  (end of this chapter)

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