This Swordsman is Too Steady - Chapter 60 Walk for the sky (big

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Lie Que is the sword of Yingjie, which can control thunder and take charge of heaven's punishment on behalf of him.

[Heavenly Punishment]: Lie Que, as the sword of Heavenly Punishment, absorbs the power of Heavenly Tribulation from the world all the time and stores it in the sword body to form Heavenly Punishment.

The so-called Heavenly Punishment is actually the manifestation of the power of Heavenly Tribulation.

At this time, what Lu Qingshan did was to fight poison with poison, and to punish heaven with punishment.

The twelve thunder gods above the nine heavens are the creatures manifested by the catastrophe.

And Heaven's Punishment is also formed by absorbing the power of Heavenly Tribulation, which is the ultimate power of Heavenly Tribulation.

After successively experiencing the Heavenly Tribulation and the Ninety-Nine Heavenly Tribulation, Lie Que's depleted amount of Heaven's Punishment was replenished, and once again reached the upper limit of twenty.

Lu Qingshan was not stingy, and directly sacrificed twelve heavenly punishments in one breath.

Twelve Heavenly Punishments against Twelve Thunder Gods.

This is the dispute between Lie Que and Heaven.


In just a split second, the twelve Heavenly Punishment beams shining with radiant and endless thunder light, with an absolute breath of destruction, slammed into the twelve thunder gods who came from the same source, were intertwined with tribulation thunder, and contained the breath of destruction.

They could feel the power of the twelve heavenly punishments, their faces were filled with anxiety immediately, and they kept waving the wedge hammer. Thousands of thunderbolts fell from the sky, trying to dissolve the twelve heavenly punishments.

However, the power of Heaven's Punishment is far beyond the imagination of Lei Gong.

Those thousands of thunderclaps fell, and even a mountain was turned into powder, but the aura of the twelve heavenly punishments did not attenuate at all, and even became more tyrannical and tyrannical, as if they had absorbed power from the thunder.

So, at the next moment, in the child's hole enlarged by the twelve thunder gods, the twelve heavenly punishments descended with an irresistible force.

Lightning roars.

The thunder is pouring endlessly, pouring down on the twelve Nine Heavens Thunder Gods.

Thunderclaps were intertwined all over their bodies, flickering non-stop.

Who would have thought that they, being the creatures of the thunder calamity, would one day be hit by such a terrifying thunder calamity.

Their figures shook violently.

The thunderbolts that make up Leigong's body are being continuously swallowed and dispersed by the power of heaven's punishment, and they are scattered backwards at a very fast speed, showing an irreversible trend.

Millions of tribulations and thunders under the earth, each united, facing each other **** for tat.

Only kalpa.

Countless thunders.

All things rest.

"It seems that you are no match for me." Lu Qingshan, who was under the nine heavens, still looked up at the sky, with the insolent smile on his face unchanged.

There are still countless electric snakes running around his body, and he is still enduring boundless pain.

But at this moment, Lu Qingshan stood tall in the thunder pond, with white hair flying down his waist like snow, like an immortal demon king.

"So, let me do justice for the sky." Lu Qingshan said.

Then, he suppressed his smile and stood with a solemn face, leaning on his sword.

Lie Que's sword suddenly radiated a vast light.

above the sky.

Zi Lei, as thick as a tornado, completely engulfed the twelve fierce-looking Nine Heavens Thunder Lords.

After the blink of an eye, the face of the aloof Nine Heavens Leigong, who was still majestic before, became blurred, and Zilei's figure began to wobble, and then he couldn't maintain it.

The next moment, the body of the "god" created by the thunderbolt was directly shattered, and the thunderbolt rolled to the ground like beads and flowing water.

Like smallpox scattered flowers, fleeting.

Then, the world returned to peace.

What a "walking on behalf of the sky"!


"Chu Mushen, under normal circumstances, you might not be able to change your life against the sky with one enemy outnumbered, but what can you do when you meet me, a creature of the same level as you?" Domineering said, rather indifferently.

Standing between the sky and the earth, Luo Hu held the notched Shura Saber and pointed at God Chu Mu.

"Half-holy." Chu Mushen sighed, unexpectedly, the demons also had a semi-holy.

In the case of such a large gap in overall strength, the greatest confidence of the human race is that he, the half-ancestor, can suppress the demon race at the level of high-end combat power.

But now, the two are on par.

Luo Hu took the lead.

He released raging devilish energy all over his body, and the thick devilish energy rolled like a real dragon.

The mighty demonic energy swept across hundreds of millions of miles, flooding the entire world.

Fortunately, this place is a rare place in the world, isolated from all energy, otherwise, this movement is enough to make this piece of heaven and rivers boil.

In particular, the Asura Saber in his hand, which had been chipped in the previous collision, now glowed bewitchingly.

With one slash, the sky falls and the earth shatters.

All the breath was forced into a turbulent flow, crazily and violently, making this place seem to have returned to the prehistoric era when the world was not yet opened.

Chu Mushen's eyes turned cold, and the ancient sword in his hand was also chopped off earlier.

In the glaring light, the ancient sword and the Shura knife collided, and there was a strong vibration between the two, and the powerful force boiled and drummed.

And taking advantage of this opportunity, the rest of the demons made a decisive move.

They are all top figures with extraordinary eyesight, how could they fail to seize such an opportunity.

A group of demons gathered together to surround God Chu Mu, and each sacrificed their own peerless tactics or means. They had to cooperate with Luo Hu to suppress and kill God Chu Mu, and at the same time release billowing demonic energy to move the world and create home court advantage.

The grand fighting spirit, the turbulent demon energy, and the squeezed sky will all be shattered.

Nothing can resist this power.


Chu Mushen fought hard against him, but under the positive pressure given by Luo Hu, the offensive of the remaining eleven top Demon Lords was no longer worth mentioning to Chu Mushen as before.

He was a little struggling, his arms were numb, his figure was slightly staggering, and blood was dripping from the corner of his mouth.


At the same time, Luo Hu's offensive came again.

A blood-stained Shura knife seems to be able to illuminate an era, and the **** light emitted is enough to separate the world.

This is the power of Asura in the semi-holy realm, the ultimate power, invincible and shattering the universe.


Chu Mushen couldn't dodge, so he chose to strike sideways with his sword, shaking the blade away.

This battle, at this time, really entered into a close match.

Rahu is extremely powerful, and the strong blood and fighting spirit of the Asura clan blesses his body, making him look high above him, like a resurrected war demon.

The Shura Knife in his hand exudes a strange feeling, even though it has a gap and is damaged, it is still like a blood-colored scorching sun, and the **** light it emits is extremely dazzling.

However, no matter how miraculous this Shura knife is, it cannot compare to the miraculousness of the ancient sword in the hands of God Chu Mu.

No one knows the name of the ancient sword.

But on the ancient sword, the mountains, rivers, vegetation, sun, moon, and stars have been circulating since the battle, as if there is a heaven and earth inside, melting, purifying, and deconstructing most of the incoming attacks into the most original particles in the world.

So even with the help of eleven top-level Demon Lords, Luo Hu couldn't please him at all, and he didn't gain even the slightest advantage.

Of course, Chu Mushen is not easy either.

This was the biggest battle he had ever encountered in his life.

A creature not weaker than him, plus the eleven top demons who are second only to him, are fighting with him. For anyone, such a situation is enough to be called a death calamity.

The movement of people like them attacking was too loud, and the killing was so dark.

Pieces of purple bamboos that had grown for countless tens of thousands of years fell down.

Fighting to this point, even if Chu Mushen's swordsmanship is superb, he will not be injured, and his body will be covered with large and small wounds.

His white clothes were torn, his body was stained with blood, and there were spots of blood even between his hair.

"Go to hell!" At this moment, Chilong Mozun of the Thunder Beast Clan roared angrily, opened his mouth and spit out, two tornadoes of thunder and fire that had been brewing for a long time rushed out like destruction, with such power that anyone who saw it would avoid it.

This is the supernatural power in the blood of the Thunder Beast family, which triggers the origin of thunder and fire, destroying the world.

This is the advantage of the siege, someone is holding back the front, and the others will have enough time to prepare for the ultimate move, which is also the meaning of the siege.


The two thunder and fire origins with terrifying power transformed into a dharma body, the thunder tornado turned into a real dragon, singing for nine heavens, and the fire tornado turned into a crimson magic phoenix, flapping its wings and flying.

However, Chu Mushen looked indifferent, without any change in expression.

With a single point of his sword, he immediately shattered the source of thunder and fire spit out by Chilong Mozun.

Moreover, Chu Mushen has another trick, rushing out of the Heavenly Sword Dao Law, and unexpectedly freezes Chilong Mozun in mid-air, as if time is frozen.


The next moment, Tianhe Sword Immortal flicked his wrist, and the antique sword tip directly pierced Chilong Mozun's body.

Then the ancient sword shook violently, and with a loud noise, a monstrous sword energy burst out, soaring into the sky like a horse, smashing the body of Chilong Mozun, and raining blood!

Then, the Yuanshen villain of Chilong Mozun fled in a panic.

However, as soon as his Yuanshen appeared, the law of the sword came down again, restricting him and making him unable to move.


The light of the sword is like a horse, stabbing at Chilong Mozun Yuanshen.

Even if Chilong Mozun's Yuanshen was radiant at the first moment, with the original source of thunder and fire blooming, he stood in front of him and blocked the progress of the ancient sword.

However, Yuanshen is Yuanshen after all, much weaker than the main body, and Banzu is also Banzu after all, irresistible.

The sword qi is imaginary, tearing everything in front of it, the scene is terrifying.

With a swipe, the Yuanshen burst like a bubble.

After all, Chilong Demon Lord could not escape the end of death, so he was killed just like that!

Others are scary!

No one expected that after such a long fierce battle, Chu Mushen had clearly begun to show signs of decline, but suddenly erupted and beheaded another top Demon Lord.

This time, they had already lost two top Demon Lords.

In the entire 20,000 years, five Demon Lords of this level of their Demon Race died, and now, two died in one day!

How terrible this is.

Moreover, Chu Mushen was not satisfied and stopped. After beheading Chilong Mozun, he continued to attack with his injuries.

Could it be that Chu Mushen wanted to kill them all with one enemy today?

"God Chu Mu, do you really think you can turn things around and kill us all?" Luo Hu roared angrily, with murderous intent and lingering anger. across his back.


Blood splattered, and the blade of Shura Knife pierced Chu Mushen's clothes and skin, tearing a terrible wound on his back, even exposing the white bones.

Blood dripped.

Chu Mushen's face paled a little.

But Chu Mushen was indifferent and very calm.

Because this is a necessary price.

He exchanged this knife wound for the fall of Chilong Mozun. He knew it well and was prepared.

But not so for others.

The remaining ten Demon Lords saw that Chu Mushen had suffered a great loss from Luo Hu, and their turbulent hearts due to the fall of the Chilong Demon Lord finally calmed down a little. "It turns out that he will also be injured, and he is by no means truly invincible."

Standing with a sword in his hand, Chu Mushen was more intent on killing. The horrible injury on his back didn't make him howl, nor did he fear.

He showed his dao domain.

A piece of absolute light, the stars appear.

Bai Yuncang dog, constantly floating.

Then there are long winds, flowing water and high mountains.

It seems as if the universe was recreated, and the heaven and earth reappeared.

This is a piece of pure land, and Chu Mushen is standing in the center of the pure land, surrounded by a halo.

The rest of the demons were in the pure land, as if they were dominated and suppressed, and their hearts trembled when they saw God Chu Mu.

Physical, mana, and even suppression at the soul level.

This is the Dao Domain of God Chu Mu.

"God Chu Mu, I'll send you on your way!" Luo Hu, who had just performed meritorious deeds and severely injured God Chu Mu, was not disturbed too much by God Chu Mu's Dao Domain.

His voice was like a tsunami, connecting heaven and earth, and the huge Shura knife was dazzling, as if countless blood flames were burning.

The Asura Saber sliced ​​across the sky, sending out an overbearing and terrifying wave, opening up the heavens and the earth.

At this point, Luo Hu began to desperately fear that the situation would never recover.

His power was sublimated to the extreme, turning into an invincible aura, and he fell with a single blow.


God Chu Mu also attacked, and the ancient sword swung out, hitting the Shura knife, clanging and emitting a dazzling light.

The sky collapsed and the earth shattered, raising a cloud of dust like mist, which was quickly swept away by the aftermath of the battle.

In the frenzy, Chu Mushen's white clothes were like snow, hunting in the strong wind, and he walked through the undulating shock waves, like walking on water, with ease.

Luo Hu's offensive never stopped, and he rushed towards the white clothes crazily.

The remaining ten top Demon Lords also tried their best to attack.

But with that attack, he couldn't get close at all.

Chu Mushen drew his sword again and again, and the speed of the sword was getting faster and faster.

The splendor of the sword light, the majesty of the sword energy, and the majesty of the sword intent are all indescribable, so much so that a huge arc-shaped sword rainbow hangs in the layers of devil energy.

The next moment, a point of the sword tip pierced the sky and the earth, and a ray of sword energy shot out from the radiance.

This ray of sword energy, with the majestic momentum of thousands of troops, spewed out endless laws, and shot at Yuan Zun of the Northern Mang Demon Clan.


Being targeted by God Chu Mu, Yuan Zun felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave, and sacrificed his own means of suppressing the bottom of the box, interweaving terrifying demonic energy in front of him, and the magical energy turned into a millstone, which could wipe out everything.

Yuan Magic Disk.

However, in the face of Yuan Zun's unique move, Chu Mushen didn't pay attention at all, his eyes shot out lightning, and the ancient sword in his hand vibrated slightly, exuding the most dignified and domineering aura.

The God of Chu Mu, who has proclaimed himself in a city for 20,000 years, is unparalleled in the world.

His frightening wisp of sword energy turned into an army of tens of thousands of sword energy and hit the Yuan magic disk.

The sky and the earth trembled, and at this moment, it seemed that there was a fierce battle with a boundless army, and the sound rumbled.

card wipe!

Peerless sword fairy, attacking invincible!

The magic disk of Yuanyuan burst directly and was completely reduced to powder.

And at the moment when the sword energy shattered the yuan grinding disc, Chu Mushen had already followed the sword to kill him.

Yuan Zun yelled, and flew out like a kite with a broken string, his head was covered with snowflakes, and he was almost beheaded.

At this moment, Luo Hu was also majestic and majestic, shouted loudly, his whole body glowed with red blood, like the blood moon in the abyss, slashing forward with a Shura knife in his hand.


A knife fell from the sky, which could cut Jiuyou, but it was blocked by Tianhe Sword Immortal, and the terrifying demonic energy intertwined dissipated in an instant.

Chu Mushen took a step forward, he might as well look for Yuan Zun, and walk through the void, no one can touch the direction of the ancient sword.

Even though Yuan Zun's magic power is overwhelming, his fighting skills are infinite, and his body is blessed by the emperor's formula, he can't resist this sword.


Chu Mushen pierced his eyebrows with a sword, not only the flesh, but also shattered the Yuanshen in his eyebrows.

The Tianhe Sword Immortal has beheaded another top Demon Lord!

Facing the siege of this lineup, he still beheaded opponents one after another as if he had entered no one's land.

At this moment, apart from Luo Hu, the remaining nine top demons remained unchanged, and everyone was in danger.

So far, they still can't see that Luo Hu can't control Chu Mushen at all, and he can't compete with him.

When their thoughts were complicated, Luo Hu had already rushed forward.


The sound of Tianlong came from his body.

The ultimate power of Asura's bloodline talent was completely inspired by him.

At this moment, Rahu possesses the power of nine heavenly dragons. In terms of strength alone, he is unparalleled and invincible in the world.

He had already abandoned his broken Asura Saber, relying on his invincible strength, using his flesh as a soldier.

Luo Hu blasted out with a fist, breaking the void in a veritable manner. Above the fist, there was an oppressive aura that filled every inch of space here, making everyone terrified.

His fist seemed to come from the ancient times, causing great changes in the sky, and the ancient sword of Chu Mushen, as if colliding with the moon, they directly... touched together!


It was another earth-shattering duel, just the aftermath of the spillover, how many purple bamboos were broken.

Even in the impact of the aftermath, a vacuum crack was formed in the Tianhe Sea, the waves were surging, and the sea water separated to the two sides.

And in the center of the battlefield, with a strong and indescribable loud noise, the figures of Luo Hu and Chu Mushen retreated back at the same time.

After standing still, Luo Hu spat out a mouthful of blood, and laughed, "I can bear countless injuries like this, how about you, God Chu Mu?"

In this confrontation, even Chu Mushen's complexion was pale, his throat surged, and he spit out a mouthful of blood.

Both were injured.

But the problem is that Luo Hu is an Asura clan, with a god-cultivating demon body, and his physical body is unparalleled. Whether it is the ability to withstand injuries or the ability to recover, it is absolutely crushing for God Chu Mu.

Luo Hu is absolutely happy to see the result of exchanging injuries for injuries like this.

Chu Mushen's eyes flashed, and his swordsmanship was natural.

He is consistent, resolute, indifferent, detached, and his confidence has never wavered.

Especially now, even though he was suffering numerous injuries and was at a disadvantage, he still had the attitude of wanting to suppress and kill all enemies.


The mysterious ancient sword rushed out with the intent of a sword fairy, and the sharp sword light was eternal.

Luo Hu's gaze also became cold and severe, and a torrent of devilish energy gushed out from his body, surging behind him like a dragon, surging forward.


The ancient sword of Chu Mushen burst out thousands of sword lights, smashing the dragon.

Black light flowed from Luohu's body, and he merged with the dragon unexpectedly, bursting out with an aura of destroying the world.

Although the demon dragon was destroyed, Luo Hu took advantage of the situation and rushed out, pounced on Chu Mushen, the demon flames rippling out of his body, attached to his right fist.


The shocking blow broke out again, and Chu Mushen suffered Luo Hu's punch in the chest, and his flesh and blood were immediately covered with blood, which was the heaviest injury so far.

But his ancient sword also hit Luo Hu's face, forcibly splitting the flesh and blood on his face, exposing the bones of his face.

[The novel app that has been running stably for many years is comparable to the old version of the book chasing artifact, and the source-changing app used by old bookworms, huanyuanapp.]

Both lose!

"Help me!" But at the same time, a scream came.

It turned out that among the thousands of sword lights just now, Chu Mushen actually split more than a hundred of them to attack Xie Zun.

Xie Zun's complexion turned pale, he shouted that something was wrong, and tried his best to dodge.


Out of the hundreds of sword lights, he was the only one who didn't dodge it, and was almost beheaded by Chu Mushen, and there was a terrifying scar on his neck.

He staggered back, clutching his neck tightly with his palms, his face full of shock.

In the thrilling confrontation just now, Chu Mushen was able to hide his moves in the sword and attack him.

Is the combat power of the Banzu really so strong, enough to crush them, the top demons who are only a line away from the Bansa?

Xie Zun didn't understand, because he had never entered the semi-holy realm.

But at least judging from Luo Hu's performance, although Bansheng is stronger than them, it is not so much stronger?

Is Luo Hu too weak, or Chu Mushen too strong?

Xie Zun's child's hole shrank, his heart was greatly shaken, he really couldn't figure it out.

Here, Chu Mushen didn't stop at all, moved his figure horizontally, used the supreme sword art, and killed them while fighting with Luo Hu.

The faces of the nine top Demon Lords were extremely ugly.

The leader in their eyes, the most powerful, the first to become a semi-holy Luo Hu, was so unable to hold up the scene in front of God Chu Mu, unable to control the situation at all.

They had a premonition that something bad was going to happen, but the reason in their hearts told them that it would be the most unwise choice to abandon Luo Hu and run away at this time.

"Fight!" Xie Zun let go of his hand, regardless of the bleeding neck, let out a roar, his eyes were red, and he raised his head suddenly.

At this moment, he burst out with a supreme breath.

At the same time as the breath erupted, an emperor's shadow appeared behind Xie Zun.

The emperor's robe and emperor's crown have the same appearance as him.

It is the emperor's formula, one of the Eight Secrets of the Demon Race.

"Everyone, come up with the means to suppress the bottom of the box, let us all clans really join forces today!"

He yelled, taking the lead, and blasting at Chu Mushen, "With the combat power Chu Mushen has shown today, if he can't be beheaded, there is no possibility of winning this battle of demons!"

As a top Demon Lord, he also has his own pride, and he will not allow himself to be so useless in this battle.

Emperor Ying behind Xie Zun also raised his arm, merged with Xie Zun, and threw out this punch at the same time.

The mighty explosion was unprecedented, even surpassing the aura of a top Demon Lord, with the faint power of a semi-holy one.

Powerhouses of this level can break through the limit for a short time when they explode with all their strength.

Before, it was because of too many worries, coupled with not seeing the situation clearly, and hiding something, that led to the fall of the three top Demon Lords.

The Xie Zun, who had experienced the dangerous situation just now, was the first to wake up, and without hesitation, he fully cooperated with Luo Hu to deal with Chu Mushen.

This move of his also alerted the other eight top Demon Lords who were still hesitating.

"If you don't succeed, you will be benevolent, let's fight to the death!" Without Luo Hu's need to boost morale, they all roared, each showing their cards, and broke out with all their strength.

The sky above the entire purple bamboo forest trembled violently.


Lu Qingshan's whole body was scorched black.

Although Lei Gong passed away, the damage caused by lightning still exists.

His newly transformed body is once again horrific.

However, the smile on Lu Qingshan's face remained unchanged, and immediately, a red figure flashed, holding the Youlan Wangchuan sword, and the sword fell.

Up to the poor and down to the underworld.

Powerful vitality flows through the whole body.

Lu Qingshan shook his body, the scorched skin fell off one after another, and a layer of crystal clear skin was regenerated, flowing with fiery vitality.

Like a phoenix reborn.

"What else do you have to do?" He raised his head, his eyes were clear, and his hair was dancing lightly.

The ninety-nine heavenly calamities have come to the fourth level so far.

The first heavenly tribulation is the five-element tribulation thunder, which rotates endlessly.

The second level of heavenly tribulation is upgraded to Yin-Yang tribulation thunder, obliterating all things.

At the third level of Heavenly Tribulation, it is no longer Tribulation Thunder, but the Nine Heavens Thunder God, which is made up of the intertwined power of thunder and lightning.

In the fourth heavenly tribulation, the number of Nine Heavens Thunder Gods increased to twelve.

It is not difficult to see that the ninety-nine catastrophes have long ceased to follow the growth law of the normal catastrophe's power, and the upgrade of each level of catastrophe's power is counted by tens of times.

If it is really as Lu Qingshan expected, there are nine stages of ninety-nine calamities, then he has only passed the fourth stage until now, and he has not even reached half of them.

How to imagine, with this way of power growth continuing, what kind of power and expression form the Heavenly Tribulation should be in the final ninth level.

Even for the fifth heavenly tribulation, Lu Qingshan couldn't imagine what it would be like.

The creatures bred by thunderstorms are undoubtedly the most terrifying catastrophe, how can they go up to the next level?

If you can't upgrade, you can only make up the number.

So, isn't this fifth level of nine-nine-day calamity the one hundred nine-day thunder gods?

It seems to have heard Lu Qingshan's question.

An astonishing coercion descended from the robbery cloud, covering Lu Qingshan and all directions.

That can no longer be called Jieyun, but should be called Jiehai.

Jieyun is constantly rolling.

Finally, in the black robbery cloud, a claw sticks out.

The claws are dark purple, purple and black, with scales.

The next moment, a dragon chant came from the depths of Jieyun.

The sound of the dragon's chant was so powerful that it spread thousands of miles away, and it affected Chu Mushen and Luo Hu, who were fighting fiercely outside the island, and all the other Demon Lords. Check out the specifics.

After seeing the situation on Lu Qingshan's side clearly, everyone's faces showed solemn expressions. After a while, the solemn expressions on Luo Hu's face turned into cruel smiles.

God forbids you, how can you not die?


In Jieyun, another claw poked out.

The two claws tore it together, tearing apart the thick Jieyun like a ball of cotton, and then, a huge dragon's head protruded from it, with a silent expression, overlooking Lu Qingshan.

And thousands of miles away, its dragon tail made up of blazing thunder also swept away Jieyun at this time.

Because it is too huge, every detail of this dragon head can be seen very clearly.

There are regular lines on the dark purple scales, wisps of purple electricity linger, and lightning arcs grow on the same dark purple dragon horns, exuding infinite power.

Those eyes with a specific shape but indescribable, with the ultimate indifference of heaven, fixedly stared at Lu Qingshan with a monstrous killing intent.

It was born with the mission of "doing justice for the heavens", and vowed to kill Lu Qingshan, a person who is not tolerated by the heavens.

Heavenly Thunder is not the ultimate form of Heavenly Tribulation, UU Reading no matter what kind of Sky Thunder is.

Neither is Lei Gong, although they are creatures that rob thunder and can manipulate thunder, but that is the power bestowed upon them the day after tomorrow.

The real God of Thunder, without a doubt, is Tianlong.

Lei Dao Tianlong.

The one who is born in charge of thunder, calls the wind and the rain.

What appeared in front of him was the God of Thunder—Thunder Heavenly Dragon, which was condensed from Jielei.

This is the true ultimate form of Heavenly Tribulation.

Whether it's the mighty dragon chant when it appeared on the stage, or the terrifying body shape that stretches for thousands of miles, it's all showing its terror.

There is no doubt that this thunder dragon has the ability to destroy the world, and it is the ultimate move sacrificed by Tiandao.

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