You Are My Rare Passion - Chapter 8095 take note of it

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  Chapter 8095 wrote down

  Yin Wu followed his gaze and saw a few bone-penetrating nails scattered under the bathtub, and suddenly a chill rushed up from the soles of the feet, "They nailed bone-penetrating nails on your feet?"

   Then let him pull the carriage and drive away!

  How vicious is the mind to do such a heinous thing!

  Anger rushed into her heart, Yinwu clenched her fingers and sneered secretly.

  Is that Jing Lan Yujin?

  This account, I, Ruan Yinwu, wrote it down!

  Throwing the trauma medicine over, "You apply the medicine, and I'll buy you shoes."

  Turning around and going out the door, secretly complaining that the shopkeeper of the tailor shop is a pig's brain. He agreed to ask for two sets of clothes, but he didn't give her shoes.

After buying shoes and going back, Cang Yingzhou had already bandaged his feet with medicine, and Yinwu threw the shoes to him, "I ordered Xiao Er to bring the food into the house, you eat some food and take a good rest, I still have things to do, Go out first, come back after dark."

   "Young lady." Cang Yingzhou bowed slightly to salute, Ruan Yinwu turned sideways and hid.

   She was happy to save him, and no one needed to accept her favor.

   It was almost noon when she left the inn again, she wondered whether Zuo Tianye had found those children, and wandered to the city gate.

She went around the four city gates in the southeast, northwest, and sure enough, each gate was guarded by heavy soldiers. The generals guarding the gates were the close-body guards of Zuo Tianye and Baili Chenfeng. It's hard for those spies to fly even if they have wings.

   Turned around, the city was calm, she found nothing, went back to Zuo Tianye's other courtyard, told Qiuyi that she had something to do at night, so she didn't have to wait for the door, took some things, and she went back to the inn.

  Opening the door, there was a strong smell of burnt flesh, she frowned, Cang Yingzhou apologized, and pushed open the window.

  Yinwu thought about it, pulled him over, and tore off his clothes with his hands. Sure enough, the word "servant" on the left shoulder was scalded into a **** mess.

  Yin Wu took a breath.

  How did he do it?

  Cang Yingzhou covered his clothes calmly, took a few steps back, "I'm not a slave!"

  The sound is charming and understandable.

   Such a shameful imprint, not to mention just hot and bloody, even if he cuts the flesh and scrapes the bone, he will not keep it.

  Yinwu sighed, "Have you eaten?"

   "Eat, girl..."

   "Don't worry, I've explored the way," Yinwu knew what he wanted to ask, "How is your martial arts?"

   "There are few opponents," Cang Yingzhou knew that now is not the time to be modest, "It's just that I have been sealed off, and I'm afraid I can't even beat girls now."

   Few rivals!

  He himself said that he has few opponents, so he must be a peerless master.

   Such a master was actually humiliated by Jing Lan Yujin in the street, it really was the shrimp scene in the Longzhou Shoal!

   "I have a way to help you release the sealed Qi, but not here, we need to go to a secluded place," Yinwu looked at his feet, "Can you go?"

   "As long as you can save my Patriarch, it doesn't matter how far you go!"

  When the moon is dim, in the woods on the outskirts of the city.

Yin Wu ordered Cang Yingzhou to sit down cross-legged, and took out the jade flute from his sleeves, "Each sect uses different techniques to block internal power. I won't solve your acupoints, but my tune can run all the acupoints in your body to help you flush." To open the locked acupuncture point, you just need to stick to your mind and cooperate!"

   "Is the girl actually a spiritual music teacher?" If he was just a little surprised to find that Yinwu can control sword energy, then he was shocked to know that Yinwu is a spiritual music teacher.

  (end of this chapter)

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