Your Majesty’s Heart-to-heart Pet

Status : Completed

Genres : Drama , Historical , Josei

Chapters: 71

Last update: 3 years ago

3.0 /5

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Ruan Yang Chuan became the favorite concubine in a palaceFirst day in the bookThe male protagonist raised his sword and looked at Ruan Yang who was shrinking in the corner, feeling sickly excited:"Since you don't love me, then go to death."Ruan Yang: Where is the good favorite concubine? !The next second, she was wiped her neck by the male leadThe timeline in the book is out of order, and Ruan Yang went back to when he first entered the palaceIn order to survive, Ruan Yang lights up his love skills"The concubine loves you, and it's hard to restrain your feelings. Marrying your concubine will have no regrets in this life"Later the hero blocked her in the groveHis eyes were blurred, his cheeks were red, and his voice was hoarse: "If you don't want others, you need you."Ruan Yang: You are mentally retarded! You have to love the hostess![The paranoid gloomy male protagonist x perfect love talk, addicted to the surviving female protagonist]-It is recommended to throw away the three concepts and logic when reading the article, it is more exciting~~~ hee hee - Description from MTLNovel

Your Majesty’s Heart-to-heart Pet