Your Teacher I, am Hella Rich

Status : Completed

Genres : Action , Comedy , Romance , Shounen Ai

Chapters: 40

Last update: 3 years ago

5.0 /5

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On a certain day, Ji Xiao Li led his newly-acquired disciple into a dungeon, feeding him all sorts of priceless red and blue potions.Teammate: f*ck, tyrant, you have an ore mine at home?Ji Xiao Li: how did you know my family owns an ore mine?Teacher Orders a Salutedisciple, enter the sect, accept my guidance. Tell teacher, what is the sect's foremost teaching?Milk Tea Small CrispMaster, isn't our sect just you and I, what is the foremost teaching?Teacher Orders a Saluteevil, evil disciple! I said to say it so say it!Milk Tea Small CrispMilk Tea Small CrispBeat to death YueJian Chunhe that son of a bitch!YueJian ChunHe = Milk Tea Small Crisp = Ruan FengheTeacher Orders a Salute = Ji Xiao Li - Description from Novelupdates

Your Teacher I, am Hella Rich