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Douluo: Start Invincible From Capturing the GoddessChapter 10 The jealous Gu Yuena, Queen Bibi Dong's bedroom!

Luo Yu traveled through the world of Douluo, met Gu Yuena, and after a million years of painstaking practice, he finally became a beast god. After a catastrophe, he became a human being, forged the first divine body of Douluo, and awakened the heaven-defying twin god-level martial souls.Save Bibi Dong and help Zhu Zhuqing get rid of the scumbag.Master wants to accept me as an apprentice? Sorry, you don't deserve it.Show off Tang San with one hand, blast the white tiger with one punch, cut Tang Hao with three swordsA few years later, Luo Yu swept Douluo, and the king came to the Wuhun Palace, stepping on the abyss, pointing at the vastness of the sword.In the vast God Realm, who is worthy of a battle - Description from MTLNovel

Marvel’s Hogwarts WizardChapter 11 14 spells

In the face of Thanos and his crowd of alien warriors, Jerry took out his wand:"Avada Suomin", "Shenfeng Wuying", "Fuchsia", "All Petrochemical"Withdrawing the wand, pressing both hands on the ground, a huge alchemy formation was formed on the ground, and countless gun barrels roared like thunder.Get up and put your hands together, the Dragon Slayer Profound Magic is activated, "Red Lotus Exploding Thunder Blade!"Traveling through the Marvel universe, Jerry gets a bizarre panel that rewards Little Red Star for doing good deeds.Consuming Little Red Star can go to other magical worlds to learn magic,Consuming Little Red Star can also refresh your mind and speed up the efficiency of learning magic.In order to protect himself and his family, Jerry reluctantly embarked on the path of constantly doing good deeds to earn a little red star, and working hard to study and learn magic.The protagonist's three views are upright, not a virgin, no brainless, no system, the panel is only responsible for traversal and refreshing, all magic is acquired by the protagonist through learning, and powerful through research. - Description from MTLNovel

Eternals of the Wizarding WorldChapter 10 test

Traveling to the wizarding world, Eli found that he was an Eternal.Life is infinite, life is immortal."What? The talent is very poor, then I will meditate for ten years, centuries, and thousands of years, and I can always meet the promotion requirements.""This skill is hard? Oh, let me study it for decades to see if it's really that hard?""Consuming life force, improving mental force, and this kind of good thing.""The enemy is here? Oh, let me find a place to hide for a thousand years, until his lifespan is exhausted and his mental power dissipates, and then I will come out again, free and endless void."This is the story of an immortal who lives in the wizarding world and then kills the endless world. - Description from MTLNovel

Pokémon World’s Male MotherChapter 9 special attack

Style introduction:The world view of this book is similar to the Pokmon chapter of "Dimension Forum", which is also my work.The characters and backgrounds of animations, special chapters, and games are referenced, and at the same time, they are mainly original.The overall setting will be more realistic than the animation, but it is not dark, and it is more inclined to sunlight.Goldfinger is set to pay tribute to "The Lord of Mysteries", but it doesn't actually matter, the style of painting and the background are irrelevant.There will be various anime characters appearing in the book, and there will be related plots, such as: Shinichi, a high school student who cleans Rotom, the Clow card with Pokmon skills sealedBut the main line is still dominated by Pokmon.Introduction:Orphan Eminem, who traveled through the world of Pokmon while staying up late reading novels, inexplicably has a professional role-playing system![Congratulations on becoming a level 9 extraordinary professional, please choose one of the following two professions!1. Pharmacist:You will have extraordinary qualifications in pharmacy.Playing conditions: Possess a first-level pharmacist qualification.2. Cultivator:You will have an extraordinary qualification in Implantology.Playing conditions: Possess the qualification of a first-class planter. [Congratulations on completing the role of level 9, you will have the ability of level 8, please choose one of the following two occupations!1.: TamerYou will have extraordinary trainer qualifications;physical fitness improvement;It can share senses with Pokmon and has the ability to tap the potential of Pokmon.2.: PhysicianYou will have extraordinary medical qualifications;]"Wait! Do you think I haven't watched "Master of Mysteries"? Will these two extraordinary professions be eh? Choose one of the two? That's fine""My goal is to become a male mother'!" - Description from MTLNovel

Ke Yan People In the World of Ke XueChapter 10 It's not enough to just wash your hands when you touch the **** of death
ComedyFan-FictionUrban Life

When the research and development of various black technologies in the winery fell on Ye Genyi, he said that his position was a bit crooked.Gin: "icewine""Hey, this is the latest tracking software, it only takes 20 seconds to find the target"ps: This book is easy + crime solving + daily type - Description from MTLNovel

Mystery: The Lamp God’s Path To FreedomChapter 10 Task

The ashes-level reader of the original novel, Wang Zichuan, has become the first place in the whole book competition.The long road to freedom started from breaking up with the mysterious queen, defecting to Kemiao, and becoming an angel investor. - Description from MTLNovel

The Big Boss Behind HogwartsChapter 9 Moriarty in Diagon Alley

Gilderoy Lockhart has just become Minister for Magic of the United Kingdom, and there are several uninvited guests in the office.Dumbledore: "Minister, I have to tell you with great sadness that Moriarty Slytherin is the most hidden person in the European wizarding world!"Lovegood, editor-in-chief of The Quibbler: "Look Minister, the Hogwarts Riots, the Himalayan Avalanche, the Gringotts Heist, the World Cup Opening, the Nurmengard Bombing, the Azkaban Defection , the Durmstrang riot, these mysteries all point to one person, Moriarty Slytherin!"Platinum noble Lucius: "On behalf of the pure blood family, I strongly request the minister to launch a wanted request for Moriarty Slytherin! Oh, my minister, don't look at me with greedy eyes, all pure blood money is taken by Mori Artie's gone."Gilderoy Lockhart showed his signature smile: "Please allow me to introduce to you my young master, the greatest wizard of all time, the master of dawn and darkness, the master of ice and thunder, the legendary god of magic, Moriarty Slytherin!"This is the story of a little wizard who only has magic in his heart and becomes the big boss behind the scenes in the Harry Potter world. - Description from MTLNovel

Duel Monsters of Global Cardsv2 Chapter 454 The Killing of the Beast

When he woke up, Lin You found that the world had changed drastically.Monsters of all races roar and bombard wildly, field magic cards form a deep sea out of thin air, royal tombs, skyscrapers, and trap cards are infinitely possible.Duellist colleges and universities all over the country are rising, and the miracle secret realm is full of dangers.This is a world where all people chase cards, and the era of card duelists shines. - Description from MTLNovel

Warhammer: The Beginning is the Crisis of AnnihilationChapter 351 Start a war with reincarnation games (subscription required)

The era of the decline and fall of the galaxy has arrived, and the power to destroy the world has gathered unprecedentedly.The minions of the four evil gods are wreaking havoc in the real universe. The terrifying monsters and demon legions in the dark night of old have brought destruction and despair to countless human worlds.In the darkness, a ray of light emerged.Carrying countless human technologies, the soul from another world came back to life with the help of the body of the thirteenth parent and child of the imperial emperor.The battle between humans and evil gods is rekindled.In the name of the Emperor, countless human heroes gather again.Blood and corpses will pave the way for the glory of mankind."As soon as I opened my eyes, you told me that human beings are about to die??" - Description from MTLNovel

Harry Potter: Hello the Dark Lordv3 Chapter 251 Case solved!
ComedyFan-FictionFantasySchool Life

Wonderful wizards mix and match Western magic and Eastern mysticism, and become the most unexpected wizard or Taoist priest in the world.Tom: Watch out Vijay, Tiger Tank!Vijay: Shrink quickly, just missing a keychain, heheTom: The mummy is resurrected, runVijay: What are you panicking about? Come and get a corpse talisman, stop first, just squatted in the pit and forgot to bring toilet paper - Description from MTLNovel

COS Dazai Osamu’s I Got Into the Conan CrewChapter 1092 Replacement on the afternoon of the 20th
ComedyFan-FictionFantasyUrban Life

[No heroine, no emotional line, no ambiguity, a lot of private settings, a comprehensive world view, I am an organization. [There is a story about an undercover police officer with real wine, there is a possibility of death for the red party, and both Bourbon and Scotland are real wine]"Name.""Osamu Dazai.""gender.""A man without a doubt.""age.""14.""The code name of the Black Organization.""Cahor.""Why did you join the Black Organization?""Well, because I'm the adopted son of that gentleman."[This article is also known as Osamu Dazai of COS. I recognized a thief as a father in the Conan crew. I am not disqualified in this world. I am full of fighting skills. I appeared in Japan the next second at the comic exhibition and became a three-year-old slaughter][There will be other vests. ][The elegant party and the gangsters stay away from me][Writing to play, don't gangster] - Description from MTLNovel

Fairy Tail: Start To Capture the Fairy Queen ErzaChapter 431 Lucy: Why is a guild with only dragons and no fairies called Fairy Tail...

Yiwen traveled through time, but Yiwen didn't panic at allBecause he traveled with him, as well as the character template in the mobile game, and the five devil fruits obtained by the lottery.Yiwen believes that she can rely on the special physique obtained by charging six yuan for the first time, and the devil fruit in the backpack, and become a strong party in the world of One Piece.Until Yiwen opened her eyes and saw a crimson dragon.Only then did Yiwen realize that this was not One Piece at all, but Fairy Tail!Start to capture Erza? The start was captured by Irene! - Description from MTLNovel

Hunter: I’m Really Not a Mind RemoverChapter 366 Candidate No. 000

The mysterious realm exuding an unknown atmosphere, the strange mind powers evolved from strong personalities, the strange and dangerous disaster bodies from outside the world, and the mind tools with different abilities constructed from things after death.This is the world of full-time hunters.A world where anyone can master a supernatural power called "mind" simply by taking a step-by-step process.However, there are very few people who can really get in touch with "mind".Moyou came across unexpectedly.One day, just learning to "recite", he suddenly heard a voice."Your appearance is particularly outstanding, and you are very satisfied with your appearance. Your chanting times +1""Because you chose to fight against the Phantom Troupe, the look and feel appreciates you, and your memory capacity +1"ps: Full-time hunter colleagues, there are currently three finished novels with over 10,000 orders, please read them with confidence! - Description from MTLNovel

Live Streaming: AzerothChapter 1186 Jaina: Send!

The half-elf Sharlayan, who was excluded by his tribe since he was a child, got rid of the restriction of anti-addiction on the day he became an adult, and obtained his own golden finger-the "window" that can communicate with other worlds.From this moment on, his every move will be under the attention of countless people from other worlds, but because of this, he has obtained a lot of vital information from the bullet screens of those sand sculpture netizens.About the nature of Azeroth, the future of the high elves and Quel'Thalas, and, as a half-elf, my true origin.The world is beginning to unravel the veil of mystery, and no matter whether Sarlayan is ready or not, the magnificent wave of the era is just around the corner."Children, embark on a journey, witness this vast and mysterious world with your own eyes, and discover the truth hidden behind it.""Don't be ashamed of your half-elf blood, I believe that one day, you will fulfill my and your mother's expectations, and make the whole of Azeroth proud of you!""Also, who said your mother is human? Have you heard of Dragon Knight?"Father, Julian Deep Shadow - Description from MTLNovel

This Summoner is OutrageousChapter 597 Summoner's Weakness

Li Pu, who has the blood of a summoned beast, originally just wanted to lie down honestly, but found that his talent as a summoner seemed a bit unusual - Description from MTLNovel

Immortal Soul of SteelChapter 838 Don't give up!

In the world of war gamesRed Comet: "Amuro Ray, what kind of ability is it to bully recruits, come out and face me if you have the ability!"Lin Youde shook his head: "What you're looking for is Amuro Lei, what does it have to do with me, Li Abao?"Go offline and return to the real world, to Konaku.Lin Youde looked at the steel giant in Gnaku and couldn't help sighing."Gundam is so handsome~!"Correspondent: "Dr. Lin Youde, I have your sortie order."Lin Youde sighed: "Have it started again, stupid soul bound by gravity."Entering the cockpit of the red steel giant and opening the open door, Lin Youde said seriously."You guys, are you going to start a war again?""I just want to play games in peace!""Lin Youde, Gu Tie, attack!" - Description from MTLNovel

Pirates: Opening Nine Tails Bombs Mary JoaChapter 367 looking for ghosts

Behind the scenes, vest flowYuan Yi, who traveled to the world of pirates, has the ability to harvest emotions and draw character cards. First of allIt started when the nine-tailed demon fox made a riot at the Shampoo Land and bombarded the Tianlongren Holy Land.Then the invisible empire' belonging to the monsters spread over the sea, the fragments of the jade of the four souls chased by the king of the sea, the ruling demon who signed a contract with the five old stars of the world government, the mysterious sea in the sea The bizarre Beechburg, the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven who descended on Wano Country, pursues the ghost of the blue other side flower on the small island of the East China Sea, the mysterious port Utopia and the Gravity SpringIt's all controlled by the source - Description from MTLNovel

Game of Thrones: Holy Flame KingChapter 175 raid

[Quan You Fan: You can read without barriers even if you haven't read the original book or TV series]after many years,When the legendary lord, the dragon knight, the son of the holy flame, the nightmare of the schemer, the smasher of the order of the game, the undefeated myth on the battlefield, the ruler of the seven kingdoms and the guardian of the whole territoryWhen Samwell Caesar sat on the Iron Throne,He must have thought of that distant afternoon when he got the pioneering order from the Rose of Highgarden.At that time, no one could have imagined that this young man abandoned by his father would set off an iron-blooded storm that would sweep across the entire continent of Westeros. - Description from MTLNovel

Marvel Reverses WolverineChapter 277 unapproachable mr howlett

In the world of dragons and snakes, the talented but congenitally sick martial arts master was reborn as the sole heir of the 19th-century Canadian manor owner. He thought he would make money by practicing boxing, but he took advantage of the industrial revolution to become a giant of the times. The opened template.In the end, the original owner was a hopelessly sick and consumptive ghost! I am still a bastard having an affair with a gardenerWait, what's up with the claw?James Howlett looked at the bone claws protruding from between his fingers, and became more and more worried about his future. - Description from MTLNovel

Conan: I Am Not a Snake SpiritChapter 2483 It's all theirs

Traveling through the world of Detective Conan, Chi Feichi was sent to the hospital.Tuesday.Doctor: "What day is tomorrow?"Chi Feichi: "Wednesday."Doctor: "Cough, tomorrow is Friday."Chi Feichi: ""August 21.Doctor: "What day will it be tomorrow?"Chi Feichi: "August 22nd."Doctor: "Cough, tomorrow is January 1st."Chi Feichi: ""When everyone thinks that the chaotic time is correct, and one of them cannot correctly identify and integrate into it, then this person is an outlier, a patient!Once admitted to the hospital, it is as deep as the sea, and it is impossible to recover in this life.Chi Feichi took a deep breath: "Old! Son! No! Do it!" - Description from MTLNovel

Crossing the Other World to Build GundamChapter 936 voyage fleet

Long Fei, a cross-timer and doujin, is an otaku who traveled to another world. In the original world, he was an otaku fan of Gundam and military science fiction.He died in an accident and was reincarnated into another world. The Gundam works he had read before his death and the techniques in various military novels could be brought to another world.How would he use the Gundam that Long Fei created? What waves can be caused in this different world? - Description from MTLNovel

Douluo: If You Cut Me, You Will Lose the Treasure, Bibi Dong is AddictedChapter 298 The ninth soul ability summoned was actually Blue Silver Sky Azure Dragon

Lin Yi traveled across the Douluo Continent, and was presented with an extraordinary divine body by the system.But something went wrong during the fusion!The divine body was sealed, and what sealed it was actually a shield with trillions of HP!Only by breaking the shield can the divine body be unlocked.In desperation, Lin Yi embarked on the road of seeking death, and asked all the strong men on Douluo Continent to fight for him.The system also guarantees that rewards will be generated based on the amount of blood dropped from the shield.As long as a reward can be generated, a critical strike will be triggered, and an additional higher quality reward will be given to Lin Yi!The higher the damage received, the richer the rewards will be!Bibi Dong: "Are you really looking for death?"Lin Yi: "Really, I beg my sister to work harder!"Qian Renxue: "I'll go, you will actually lose treasure if you hit you?!"Lin Yi: "Your damage is too low to trigger the purple prize pool. If you use a little force to trigger the black prize pool, the red prize pool is not a dream!"Chen Xin: "I don't believe that I can't break Lin Yi's shield, from now on I will come to kill him twice a day!"Lin Yi: "Hey, I don't even bother to expose you, you are clearly looking at the breakthrough spar that fell from the broken shield! Despicable!"Please, please stop scraping! I am in a hurry to break the shield!Ask online, who is the strongest person on the Douluo Continent, even if the divine body can't be unsealed, just use the damage to trigger a golden prize pool for me! - Description from MTLNovel

Dimension: Sign In To Leilu Core at the BeginningChapter 258 Chapter 257 Failure always runs through life

The truck driver brought Ling Xuan to the parallel world World Blue Star for the year-end award.Here, the physical body travels to replace Ling Xuan, a senior high school boy with the same name and surname, and obtains a check-in system.(The introduction is pale, please see the content for details.) - Description from MTLNovel

Across the Sky From the Stop of Timev5 Chapter 1041 Punch Godzilla, kick Ghidorah!
Fan-FictionUrban Life

When Hao Shuai discovered that he had the ability to travel through the heavensWhat? Does anyone want this treasure? no one asked me to take itWhat? This treasure is yours? But Pindao feels that this thing is destined for meRemember, after I die, I must throw my body into the sea, because in this way I can continue to surf. - Description from MTLNovel

Mystery: The Witch and the CalamityChapter 840 kill yourself

This is the worst of times. Doomsday is approaching, chaos, conspiracy, and war are the main themes of the continent. “The Fool” was born, lighting a fire for people in the dark. So, what kind of fate does Joyce, who also fell from Seiyuan Castle, bear, and what kind of changes will his arrival bring to the world? This is a calamity legend. - Description from MTLNovel

I’m Extracting Movie Tech at MarvelChapter 412 ; opening ceremony

Bai Yang traveled to the Marvel world. At this time, Tony was still a playboy and a weapons dealer. The captain is still sleeping in the glacier, the widow sister is also working in full swing at S.H.I.E.L.D., and the little spider is still a primary school student, Thor… Everything seems to have not started yet. This year, “Iron Fist” was released and won praise from the market. A city was built at an unknown time on an empty island, known as the Tech Island. Fighting Robots, Big White Medical Robots, T-Virus Potion, Predator, Transformers, Tinder Source… QQ group: 719736092 - Description from MTLNovel

Mystery: The Ancient God is Actually Mev2 Chapter 39 wait a long time

“Who I am is a philosophical question.” “No, this question is very simple, I am me, you are you, I have the same name as you, but it is not the same as a person!” “But with the same memory, isn’t it a person?” “You know, memory is the building block of a person.” Klein looked at the elf who was talking eloquently in front of him. His serious and tense expression gradually showed signs of collapse. He gritted his teeth and asked the most important question: “You are right, so when will you move out from here, respected Mr. Zhou Mingrui!” The male elf shrouded in the black robe was stunned for a moment, a trace of emotion appeared in his indifferent eyes, and he said in a calm voice: “I’ll go when it’s time to go.” PS: One is the “ancient god” Zhou Mingrui who landed in the second era, and the other is Klein Moretti (same as the original) who has the memories of the remnants of the old days. The two have similar roots and experience different existences. “Lord of Mysteries” fanboy, I “killed” myself, and it is continuously updated. - Description from MTLNovel

Douluo: Capture the Goddess Zhu Zhuqing at the BeginningChapter 836 Amazing turnaround! Tang Chen's bowels are blue

Lu Feng traveled through the world of Douluo, and began to think that he was bound to the wrong system, that he could not become a soul master, and could only increase his wealth. But after obtaining the ultimate rewards such as the second awakening, the Dragon God Soul Bone suit, etc., he awakened the super god-level martial arts and inherited the Dragon God bloodline. To the real peak, invincible! Flender: Lu Feng is not just a monster, he is a peerless monster, and he is too rich to buy Shrek Academy, Basketball Academy and Tianshui Academy. Yu Xiaogang: If Lu Feng is willing to be my disciple, I can consider giving up teaching Tang San. Tang San: Xue Qinghe, you won, but if Lu Feng didn’t help you, you would never have been able to sit on the throne of the Heaven Dou Empire. Avalanche: Ah, my throne! Tang Hao: Lu Feng, right? You dare to suppress my son, so that his mood will be greatly affected, and you will kill me! Three seconds later.. . Tang Hao thumped and knelt down: Your Majesty, I was wrong. Human Race, Soul Beast, Douluo Star, God Realm, Lu Feng swept invincibly, and there was no disadvantage. This book is also known as “Invincible from the abolition of Zhu Zhuqing’s engagement” - Description from MTLNovel

The Fourth Scourge of Star Warsv2 Chapter 1359 Mandalorian political turmoil

Take over a Homeworld mothership and travel to the world of Star Wars? Tang Xiao: “This world is so dangerous. Mom, I want to go home.” Wait a minute, the mothership database actually has “Original Sin of the Solar Empire”, “Halo”, “EVE”, “StarCraft”, “Stellaris”? ? And there are still Jim Raynor, Master Chief, and Archbishop Artanis sleeping in the freezer? Tang Xiao: “Humph! They will all bow down at my feet!!” The Fourth Calamity… ah no, long live the Fourth Empire! - Description from MTLNovel

Voiceover System From KonohaChapter 427

Uchiha Sora suddenly became Erzhuzi’s younger brother, salted fish all day long, doing nothing, and Nara Shikamaru, known as the two salted fish ninjas of Konoha. No one knows that there is a voice-over system in his mind. As long as he hears the emotional ups and downs of the ninja in the voice-over, he can get emotional points. Just looking at the strange things in the exchange space, Sora suddenly felt that this was an illegitimate system. - Description from MTLNovel

American Comics: Opening Guidance BatmanChapter 1151 Professor (14)

Once through, Schiller became Batman’s teacher, a professor of psychology at Gotham University. On the first day, Bruce Wayne entered the psychiatric clinic. Schiller had to open the Meiman chat system and posted the first post: Batman asked me the meaning of life, how should I answer? It’s a hurry to wait online. Thanos: It is recommended to kill directly. Professor X: Don’t listen to the upstairs, I’ll use your mind-reading skills… Schiller Andel Rodriguez, a world-class master of criminal psychology, the most famous psychology professor at Gotham University, his students are both superheroes and super criminals, but he does not belong to any of them, bat Xia likes to call him “Professor”, Joker calls him “the coolest lunatic”, Scarecrow calls him “Arkham slipper”, and Nick Fury thinks he’s a “getter.” Be Batman’s teacher, Spider’s godfather, Iron Man’s psychiatrist, Schiller’s journey to American comics, starting with Batman at the beginning. Comprehensive comics (including the movie universe), DC Marvel and other comics, do not abuse the main character, and the supporting roles do not lose their wisdom. (Don’t worry about the title, it’s not an invincible brain-damaged essay.) - Description from MTLNovel

Conquering the Multiverse From Pirates~ season finale

Luo Wei traveled to the world of One Piece and obtained a villain organization system. As long as he organizes people to establish corresponding villain organizations, he can obtain the abilities and technologies possessed by the members of these organizations. These organizations include but are not limited to Umbrella, Hydra, Bigfoot, Spectre, Red Ribbon Corps, Winery, Continental Hotel, Syndicate, Phantom Troupe, Kira Star Cross, Assassin League, Hellfire Club , Cobra Organization, Death Eaters, Holy Trinity, Hand, A.I.M., Dark Order, Illuminati, Court of Owls, Evil Six, CIPHER POL, Wayland Corporation, International Genetic Technologies, RDA, Cyberda Systems, OCP, Tyrell Company, Rogue Gang, Liang Shanbo, Salvation Army, Lunatic Cult, Burning Legion, Gourmet Club, Hunter, Templar, Sound Nest, World Society… Then Rowe found himself severely understaffed and unable to build a large organization. After some contemplation, he decided to set up a smaller organization, just a few people. He had already thought of the name, and it was called… Injustice. - Description from MTLNovel

Fantasy Tech ReviewerChapter 43

System: The world you came to has no Gundam, no WOW, no Warhammer, no Xueyue, no… Mu Feng: So I can be a copywriter (excitedly rubbing hands) System: In the random product, three products have been delineated for you, Planet Killer, Death Star, Barbatos Gundam, please choose any one to complete your novice task. Mu Feng: ? ? ? ?  …… Yoshida? D: Change, change! (referring to take out the knight’s belt) Gui Yanye: hatchet (referring to Denglongjian) Current progress: main world (daily episode) → One Piece → main world (modern content of Ghost Slayer) → One Punch Man → main world (Dragon Race 3, Magic Change? Brother Zheng???;??/ - Description from MTLNovel

Daily Life at Conan Undercover DistilleryChapter 95 An unknown musician
ComedyFan-FictionUrban Life

[How to evaluate the black organization where Gin is located? 】 laxative. People are in the winery, the interests are relevant. My boss, Gin, is polite and helpful. My partner Shuichi Akai is loyal and reliable, and is very dedicated to his feelings. Ms. Belmode was gentle, beautiful, and amiable. There is also a cafe guy who is very optimistic and lively. All I can say is that people here are stupid and have a lot of money, so come quickly. “Just, if given the chance, I would say, I want to be a good person.” - Description from MTLNovel

Spoiler For The Multiverse: The Start of the Live Broadcast of MarvelChapter 297 Decadent crowd, Hawkeye: I have so many children

With the advent of the dimensional live broadcast system, the entire multiverse is in chaos. Iron Man: Ugh, it turns out that I can be so handsome in the future. Loki: How could I be toyed with by an trumped-up organization, there is such a Loki, impossible, absolutely impossible. Cedric Diggory: How could I be killed by Voldemort and turn into a vampire? Deadpool: Thank you so much, I was able to slaughter the entire Marvel Universe, this is really cool! Thanos: Why did a group of people come to my door and yell at me before I left? Why? The Flash: As a speeder, why are so many people faster than me, I don’t care, Captain Sparrow, teach me magic. - Description from MTLNovel

Battle of the Two Cities: Begins with the Mage~ End of this testimonial

The prosperity of Piltover is on the surface, the barrenness of Zaun is miserable. The able men of the Twin Cities, join Noxus, and I will lead you to the light! – Ryan Meredith - Description from MTLNovel

The Beautiful Swordsman Came with a Barbecue~ extra four

On the great waterway, a warship sailed, and there was a white-haired woman on the deck. She wore a black and white sword box on her waist, one long and one short, two sabers, and she also held another famous sword in her hand. Watching the Sengoku retiring as the marshal, the general Akainu and the general Aokiji compete for the marshal position, and at the same time predict who will take the vacant position of the general. The woman sighed and muttered to herself: “It is impossible to be a general, it is impossible to be a general in this life, and the overlord is not good, only a dove lieutenant general can maintain such a life. ” After speaking, the woman picked up the big flesh and blood on the side, took a bite, and vaguely shouted to the adjutant: “Return! If you continue to cruise, you should meet the pirates!” — This is the story of a traveler on this sea after he obtained the poisonous milk powder character, Blade Shadow Inheritance. - Description from MTLNovel

Hogwarts: I Became the Third Dark LordChapter 467 Gellert exits the tower

Wentworth Grindelwald, during his lifetime, had many star-studded titles: The greatest prophet of our time, the successor of the Umrah party, the leader of the secret party, the heir of the Grindelwald family and – the third generation of the Dark Lord! He filled London with black gauze, and the shamans reappeared in the wizarding world; He established a secret party at Hogwarts and monopolized the magical talents of an era; He and the second generation of the Dark Lord duel on the Rhine, nearly half of the Death Eaters fell; He strolled under the tower of Nurmengard, and his followers greeted Gellert out of the tower; In the direction of his wand, thousands of believers are marching forward. Daily Prophet: It’s the worst of times, and he’s leading wizards to destruction! The Quibbler: It’s the best of times, and he’s leading wizards to a new life! Wentworth Grindelwald: I’m not! I don’t! Don’t talk nonsense! - Description from MTLNovel

Harry Potter and the Old OnesChapter 784 “small adult”

When Harry Potter meets Cthulhu World. When scientific thinking collides with magic theory. when…… Friends who like this book can join the group chat 514105437 to exchange ideas on writing, or complain about real life and release pressure. - Description from MTLNovel

I Have a Store In the World of American Comics~ One thousand four hundred and eighty-three

Zhou Wenwen, who had traveled to a parallel world because of sudden death, thought that he could only live in such an ordinary life in this life, but the golden finger finally opened. He has a store where he can buy technological items and magic equipment to ensure his survival. But the threat that followed made him realize that this place is not ordinary, because there are Transformers, Marvel, the Dark Portal from World of Warcraft, etc. - Description from MTLNovel

I Am an Editor at Marvelv2 Chapter 413 I have 3 great gods of Haihui, who can be pioneers!

Each script has evolved from fantasy to reality, and this world has become more and more unique. The Annabel doll smirked in the dark room, staring at the researcher in front of her. The ghost of Blood Harbor floats in the sea, waiting for the next traitor’s name to appear on the death list. The horror cruise ship sails in the vast sea, and time repeats itself on the ship. … - Description from MTLNovel

Starting Over at HogwartsChapter 293 Voldemort who became the silent

in 1989. Freshmen at Hogwarts are full of talent. A freshman named Wesson Wright entered the school. - Description from MTLNovel

Pirates OLChapter 25 Borrowing and Rejecting

Lu Ze, he is the junior brother in Zoro’s eyes, the old enemy in Sanji’s eyes, the competitor in Luffy’s eyes, the goddess in Nami’s eyes, the shit stirrer in Sengoku’s eyes… Regarding Lu Ze, people in this sea have various evaluations of him, good or bad, not enough. Maybe Lu Ze, Qiwuhai, the three generals, and the four emperors have something to say. But in the eyes of players, thousands of words can be combined into one sentence: “This product is definitely not a GM or it’s a hack! System, I want to report it!” In the game of crossing + rebirth invincible. “I’m Lu Ze, and I’m the endorsement for Hangbi!” (PS: The introduction is weak, please don’t persuade you to quit easily, at least read a few chapters before making a decision, please!) (Re-PS: New book for collection! Ask for recommendation!) - Description from MTLNovel

Pirate God-class Naruto SystemChapter 689 Yamcha and Bulma

Lei Yin inadvertently traveled to the world of One Piece, and accidentally obtained Naruto’s system. - Description from MTL

A Hogwarts Esoteric LeaderChapter 257 Lost City (3)

In 1991, the 11-year-old Univer Garrel made a preliminary plan for his future life: The first step is to go to an unscrupulous company and do the grassroots. The second step is to get rid of unscrupulous competitors and unscrupulous direct supervisors, and get promoted. The third step is to get rid of the unscrupulous boss and occupy the magpie’s nest. In this way, we can not only sweep away the rubbish of society, but also achieve our own wishes. However– “Hermione Granger? Hogwarts? Little wizard ready?” Is this the Harry Potter world? —— The flow of meetings, the book is also known as “Hogwarts Patronus”, “England is the day of nuclear peace”, “Why does the Ministry of Magic always work overtime? “, “Queen Hermione’s Way”, “About My Believer Is Azkaban’s Successor”, “Dumbledore Is My Loyal Fan”, “In-depth Study of Illuminating and Iron Charms and application”…… - Description from MTLNovel

I’m Crashing and Shooting Crash ThreeChapter 11

Time Travel became a director and decided to make Honkai into a movie! He found a priest who was very similar to Otto from the church next door, adopted a girl with the same name as Bronya and Sheer in Siberia, and found a girl who was very similar to Raiden Mei, and successfully persuaded them to become their own actors. It’s just that he didn’t know that the world he was traversing was the collapsed world, and all the characters were shocked when they watched the plot in the script. Otto: “I’ll throw you when I know how to save Karen! Wait, how come the blood bar on my head is lit up!” Raiden Mei: “Purple! Purple Eyes - Description from MTLNovel

Type Moon Greece, I Really Don’t Want To Be a Hero!Chapter 95

Traveled to Greece in the Age of Gods and became Jason.  Wait, Jason?  Are you referring to Jason who provoked the betrayal witch Medea?  Jason?  You mean Jason who looks like a hero but is really just a god toy? !  Jason?  Are you referring to the Jason who seemed to be brilliant in his life and eventually became a great hero and was widely circulated in later generations, but in fact he had a rough life and could not end well when he finally died?  No, I don’t want such a fate!  therefore…… “Mr. Chiron, I want to drop out of school, this hero is not worth it!” - Description from MTLNovel

Magical Comprehensive TravelChapter 23 Hirano's Trouble

An ordinary student, because of an accident, got a system that can shuttle between animation and reality at will. Since then, his life has become interesting. “Yu-Gi-Oh”, “School Apocalypse”, “Sword Art Online”, “Absolute Double Edge”, “Angel’s Heartbeat”, “Zero Battle Girl”, “Dating Battle”, “Devil High School”, “God Killing” “Blood Eater”, “Blood Attack”… - Description from MTLNovel