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Necropolis ImmortalChapter 1841: Wound of the Void

A great war raged between cultivators a hundred thousand years ago. Immortals fell by the tens of thousands, the path of cultivation itself was severed, and after the dust settled, tombs forested the world.A hundred thousand years after the last legend faded, Lu Yun, commandant of tomb raiders, descends upon the world. Armed with the Tome of Life and Death, he has some burning questions to answer.……“This isn’t how you raid a tomb!” Lu Yun smirked at the cultivators frantically scurrying about the ancient tomb. “Do you want me to teach you?”……But ah, can someone teach him how to cure his new body’s erectile dysfunction?Translator’s note: NECRO is a post-apocalyptic cultivation series with the world, civilization, and cultivation in tatters. Many hands pull many different strings from the shadows, and plots within plots seek to send heads spinning.

Deconstruction is WeirdChapter 1026 to clean

In the process of crossing, it merged with the computer, and the computer has also evolved into a super-intelligent brain, which seems to be good But this is a weird world, ah hey! A walking supercomputer, powerful enough to use the butterfly effect to influence unrelated people Even reliable calculation predicts the future, does this count as knowing destiny? Use science to analyze the mystery, there is nothing in this world that cannot calculate the truth If there is, then there is not enough energy Yang qi is nothing but the energy released by cell metabolism. - Description from MTLNovel

Thriller Paradise

This is a game that surpasses dimensions. It is also a competition for the search of truth. Unknown seals, a game of chance with ghosts and gods… The digital struggle, the redemption of humans… In the virtual world that links with reality——It consciously decided us. It consciously chose us. It consciously decided our consciousness. And now, throw away your fear. Throw away your selfish thoughts, questions, and resistance… Free your mind. Welcome to: Thriller Paradise. - Description from Novelupdates

Deviant Immortal of Uncanny DaoChapter 891 Tongue

The uncanny Dao of heaven, the abnormal immortal and buddha, is it true? Is it false? Lost in confusion, Li Huowang can not distinguish.However, it wasn't just these that he cannot distinguish, but also himself. He's sick. He's very sick. - Description from Novelupdates

Trafford’s Trading ClubChapter 2943 Roller (11)

Luo Qiu became the boss of a ‘club’ by chance. It was a weird club that sold strange items and with a servant girl that had 300 years of working experience. Countless people with dreams, hopes and ambitions came to the club to exchange anything precious they own for what they want. They would offer their lifespan, items, and even their soul. Every successful trade would increase Luo Qiu’s lifespan by a little. “Tribute successful, your lifespan has increased by 99 years.” As thus, Luo Qiu began his endless life as the club’s boss. - Description from Novelupdates

Doomsday Wonderlandv9 Chapter 2284

“I think… my boyfriend is trying to kill me,” Lin Sanjiu muttered. As she thought about that rich, handsome, and gentle boyfriend of hers, she could not help but tremble all over. At the present, someone close to her had personally raised the curtains to an apocalyptic hell, and slowly, it was creeping up to her. —- What if earth devolved into a apocalyptic hellhole? What if you found out you not only have to survive just one apocalyptic event but have to struggle through multiple worlds with different end-world scenarios? And you get to meet more superpowered crazies than you can imagine! Presenting the worst nightmare that your weird doomsday prepper neighbour with a bunker full of canned beans could have, Doomsday Wonderland is a novel filled with subverted tropes, non-OP characters and a female friendly label which offends all politically correct fanatics. As ‘lucky’ humans evolved to posthumans with abilities to adapt to the New World or mutate into disgusting duoluozhongs to survive, follow Lin Sanjiu as she struggle through the multiple challenges to just live one more day… and make sense of this New World that will no longer be the same. - Description from Novelupdates

Dating the Strongest BossChapter 98 - Bixian (End)
Shounen AiHorrorDramaSupernatural

【The entire world bullies you, hates you, and isolates you, but your world has light because of him. I hate this world! But I love you!】

I Created the Myth of the Old RulerChapter 957 Extra 003. Radio
FantasyHorrorSci-fiUrban Life

Traveling through parallel worlds, Lu Yi, who just wants to make some movies to make money, has awakened the system. As long as he completes the task, he will be rewarded. Great! Wait, look under the bed at midnight? Is there a piano in a theater that has been abandoned for twenty years? The painter of the art exhibition is missing? When Lu Yi completed these tasks, he realized that there really seemed to be ghosts in this world! This system is not right. He discovered that the system not only allowed himself to explore various forbidden places to die, but also filmed all his death experiences into video material, and later directly threw Lu Zan into an indescribable other world! “Hey, then I edited these videos into movies. Isn’t it the best horror movie?” Lu Yi gradually understood everything. As a result, in the foreign land, legends about the old rulers and the unspeakable horror began to circulate. —— The book is also known as “Weird Coming, I’m Making Movies in the World of Restraint”, “What did running a life team in the world of infinite flow do wrong” and “I, investigator, be a first-rate” Keywords: Cthulhu, original infinite flow, fabricated myths, running groups, sand sculptures, mental patients, this is a healing, relaxed and happy novel. - Description from MTLNovel

Weird RegulatorChapter 431 : 2nd autopsy

Since Ji Li became the manager of this special hotel, he has increasingly felt that he is not normal. - Description from MTLNovel

My Healing GameChapter 767 The devil is not as careful as you are

Comrade police, if I say this is a casual healing game, do you believe it? - Description from MTLNovel

Yama RisingChapter 1263: Final Expectations

The youthful Qin Ye was born almost a century ago, but thanks to immortality granted to him by the ‘fungus of aeons’ he can pass for a high schooler.He planned to live an eternal, reclusive life as a happy otaku, enjoying World of Warcraft and his favorite MOBA games, but Fate had other plans in store. Hell has broken down, and vengeful revenants stalk the mortal realms. With ghosts running amock throughout all of Cathay, Qin Ye must reluctantly adopt the mantle of ‘hero’ and bring peace to both the living and the dead, while rebuilding Hell. But this, of course, isn’t something a mere Netherworld Operative can do. For that, he’ll need to become more.King Yama is dead. Long live King Yama!

Soul Painter~ The new book "The King of Dash" was published next door, please pay attention~
HorrorUrban Life

When Gao Fan tried to paint the “God” with a brush. madness descends. ? Gushing from the bottom of the sea, rising from the ground, descending from the sky… From the beginning and end of the sequence to the sentient beings with despair. - Description from MTLNovel

I Trick Even the Lames to Stand Up for MeChapter 18 - Why does having a daughter mean you’re losing money?
YaoiShounen AiSupernaturalAdventure

The third young master of the Gu household, Gu Ye, had a wooden personality, a stuttering speech, couldn’t remember an answer after being told ten times, didn’t dare to protest after being bullied, was considered the shame of high society. His father, in a fit of anger, sent him back to the old home in the country for the new year. But unexpectedly, he came back like a new person, in half a year testing into the top university of the capital with the highest score in the whole school.

I Have Six Plug-insChapter 436 Su Feng 2 women

According to legend: Demons can change into human beings, hide in the crowd, and choose people to devour. “I have drank the wind, swallowed the sand, and roamed the world under the clouds.” Dian Wei swallowed the gluttonous food in one gulp, and he became stronger again. He lifted the one-billion-pound meteor chain hammer in his hand, and his eyes were calm and distant. - Description from MTLNovel

Popular Science is Weird: Do You Call This a Learning Anchor? !Chapter 262 WeChat Moments are full of cute photos of other people's private rooms

Lin Muge has passed from a society where weird creatures and humans coexist peacefully to a period when weird has just recovered. Full of brain knowledge made him choose to become a popular science up master, to help everyone better understand strange creatures. “Don’t learn from me, everyone, if you are accidentally caught by the spirit, don’t break away easily, it will blow people’s confidence.” In the gloomy castle, Lin Muge was very guilty and stretched out his arms to the side with the aggrieved weirdness. “It’s said that people nowadays have a cup of milk tea a day, and human blood is sweetened and can’t drink more. Why can’t you control yourself?” In the chaotic graves at night, he took his cellphone and pointed to this blood basin full of cavities, reproaching and speaking with heartache. His professional and rigorous science popularization made him gain popularity rapidly. But looking at the ridicule of every video full of barrage, Lin Muge feels helpless. “I’m really not a weird figure!” “This is really a serious science video!” “Everyone remembers one-key triple connection!” - Description from MTLNovel

Doomsday ReincarnationChapter 7 living person other than tasker

“The end is coming, do you want to live?” An outbreak of a virus turned Qin Yi into a player in an apocalyptic survival game. In order to survive, she began to fight in different apocalypse… - Description from MTLNovel

I Am a Professional HunterChapter 433 Snow Soul
HorrorUrban Life

Qin Wen is a salted fish, accidentally crossing into this world, alone, bubbling poorly, his parents are strangely missing, and the original Qin Wen suddenly died at home. He has almost nothing, only an exorcism firm on the verge of bankruptcy. As an ordinary person, how could he hunt demons? After frantically testing on the edge of danger and death for a month, Qin Wen finally ushered in his golden finger. He wants to form his own exorcism team to solve all kinds of bizarre incidents, and overtake or control all kinds of strange evil spirits. . As the firm became more and more famous, Qin Wen also discovered his secrets. There is such a rumored office that people who have been to say it is super professional! But somehow, they never repeat customers. - Description from MTLNovel

Fire GameChapter 221 Evil in the Night Light

The environment is deteriorating, disasters are frequent, resources are depleted, and wars are intensifying… [After testing, human civilization is heading towards the abyss with great strides. 】 [In order to avoid the self-destruction of human beings, the fire game is now launched, which aims to protect the fire of civilization and guide human beings to the correct development path. This game is initiated by the earth. I wish all players good luck. 】 - Description from MTLNovel

I Like Weird the Mostv2 Chapter 240 waiting for you for a long time

Traveling through the world, it happened to be catching up with the supernatural recovery. Ghosts and monsters appear at night, and there are evil gods and demons gazing at them in the depths. All kinds of capable people and strangers have also sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. The world has completely changed. Fortunately, He Wenzhi awakened Goldfinger and did 50 push-ups: Strength +1. Run for a kilometer: Physique +1. I saw something that made people bloody: mental power +1. I am not bald and I am stronger. - Description from MTLNovel

I’m Really ScaredChapter 238 framed

Since Guan Shan got the horror game simulator in his head, everything in his eyes became horrifying. A meat restaurant with human corpses hanging in the kitchen, an abandoned apartment building with a phone ringing at midnight, a psychiatric hospital full of murderers… In the face of these terrifyingly powerful Bosses, he could only try his best to kill monsters and get some equipment in order to survive. He was barely able to survive each simulation. However, in the eyes of others, Guan Shan was a horror and anomaly himself! “Captain, the S-class dangerous psychic has been killed by him, and the entire base was destroyed by him, but why is he crying for help with a look of fear? Should we save him or not?” “Are you s*upid? He is coming towards us! Let’s run!” - Description from Novelupdates

I Can Create Perfect AccidentsChapter 131 (END) - Creating a Storm

John, who had been framed and wrongly imprisoned, was finally released. His five-year jail time had fostered his hatred toward the son of the Waters Conglomerate, Niel. However, John, who had no connections, could not do anything about it. When he had almost lost all hope while accompanying his girlfriend who was in a vegetative state thanks to Niel, he suddenly realized that there was a search bar right before his eyes! This search bar was just like the search bar in Google Chrome!

Livestream: The Adjudicator of DeathChapter 287 (END) - Domineering Man Under the Setting Sun

Jack transmigrated to a parallel world and locked on to a Judge System that provided rewards for punishing evil. Hence, an Adjudicator of Death who stood above the law was hence born.

Global Weird: Something is Wrong with My Body~ Part 1: Code Name Ghost Story
HorrorUrban Life

The global thriller game is coming, but Shi Qian’s body mutates when it loads. [You feel the horror all over your body, they are unwilling to succumb to fear, their excitement increases, and they gain a state of ignoring fear] [Your body has accepted the trick in order to become stronger] [Your mouth is dissatisfied with what you did, and decided to condemn it] San was frantic, Shi Qian looked horrified, and yelled: “Take your damn claws away from me!” Mouth: I really didn’t want to say that, it was the damn brain that forced me! - Description from MTLNovel

World’s Greatest MilitiaChapter 53

The moment when mercenary leader Kwang Hwi receives video game like abilities, the world is suddenly thrown into chaos. A thick fog envelops the Earth, bringing with it savage, otherworldly monsters. At the same time humanity has been rendered defenseless against this onslaught, as the strange fog turns most weapons to rust. With mankind spiraling towards oblivion, it is up to Kwang Hwi, with his new abilities, to save the world. Watch as Kwang Hwi leads his militia and becomes the last bastion of humanity. Will he be this world’s savior, or its conqueror?

Plague DoctorChapter 533: Abnormal Baby Illness

The once-bustling and noisy streets were now filled with an eerie blanket of silence.

This Damned Thirst for SurvivalChapter 224 End of text

《Devil》 tells the story of Chi You, the protagonist shou, who was killed by someone and cultivated for revenge with the help of Feng Li, the protagonist gong. When Jiang Luo woke up, he transmigrated into the body of the cannon fodder that killed the protagonist shou. What’s even worse, he transmigrated at the time when the protagonist shou was already killed by the original body. At the funeral, Jiang Luo was pushed in front of the coffin. The deceased body of the protagonist shou in front of him was serene, with a smile at the corner of his lips. However, Jiang Luo knew that he had turned into a malicious spirit and was eyeing covetously at him. The more dangerous it was, the calmer Jiang Luo became. When his desire for survival reached the critical point, he knelt on the ground with a puff, and forced himself to cry. With his sincere emotion, he said: “Chi You, I love you so much. Please don’t leave me…” The chilliness around him smothered slightly. - Description from Novelupdates

Dawn Infinityv15 Chapter 48 : Infinite...Dawn!

This is a deep hell-like horror, this is an abyss without light, a world where no hope has been seen since birth, between the peculiar YES and NO, the shimmering light shimmers like a spark of fire, About to burn a prairie prairie… That is the dawn! Since the final future, the disappearance of the strongest wise man has brought about the changes in the pattern of the Lord God, everything… is in the dawn! - Description from Novelupdates

Rebirth of the Genius Charlatan~ Fan Wai Three Follow-up Notes

Xia Shao was reborn back to her childhood days after saving an old man who fell into a frozen lake. In this life, she was standing on the starting line of her life. In this life, she decided to start all over again and change her family and her fate. Little did she know that she would receive a special ability, the divine eyes, for her good deed of sacrificing herself to save others. From then on, to view other’s past and future, to determine their life and death destiny – Straight forward! Never lie! Could it be, that this life she had to be a charlatan? In this life that was different from the rest, it was so stressful, but who would have thought that she would blossom everywhere. Since then, a mythical legacy had been made. Since then, there had been a mysterious figure who was difficult to obtain a meeting with. Since then, there had been a joint order of a person who must not be messed with under any circumstances. Since then, there had been an additional grandmaster in the lineage of metaphysics. …… This life was a bit far from what she thought it would be, but, it seems to be going well? - Description from Novelupdates

Do Not Laugh! This is a Horror MovieChapter 103 Qiao Yunzheng articles

[Warm mine clearance: The game rules of this book have a limit on the number of survivors. Readers who don’t like this cruel setting, please read carefully, and hereby inform. 】 ——The lucky one who survived a catastrophe, in the supernatural world, can you survive again? Fu Lanyu died once. Since then, she has been living in endless horror games, crossing, making money and killing her life. He has seen a lot of ghosts, experience soars, Wen Neng talks about it, Wu Neng raises his sword and sees blood. “I am a king in every respect.” Until she met Qiao Yunzheng, she finally found the same kind. Finally I found someone more shameless than myself. “Sister Lan.” The handsome man lowered his head and smiled, “This level is so difficult, I’m a little scared, you have to protect me.” “Okay, don’t sneer.”… [Lazy and calm, high IQ, wild goddess stick × gentle evildoer, a master of clearance with a knife in a smile] This is a thriller comedy in which two big men show off each other daily, and fight against ghosts and monsters by the way. PS 1. The story is purely fictitious. The plot takes place in a virtual space. It is not a realistic background and should not be taken seriously. Imitation is not allowed; 2. There is quality and quantity, the writing skills are acceptable, and the investment is not a loss. Content Tag: Horror Unlimited Streaming System Shuangwen Search keywords: Protagonist: Fu Lanyu Supporting role: Qiao Yunzheng Others: WB: @银珠翼尾 One sentence introduction: the happy comedian in the horror game Purpose: Cherish life, insist on fighting - Description from MTLNovel

Take the Fox Fairy To Catch the GhostChapter 276 Wait for a new start

I was an unfortunate person, and by chance, I stepped into the Taoist school. Taoist metaphysics and fate diagnosis were orthodox. I used to help the people of the world to make merit, but I just stepped on a wrong path. Robber? How could it be possible without my geomantic omen? Catch ghosts? How could it be possible without my magic spells? Kill demon? Wait… You say you are a demon? Or a fox demon? ! - Description from MTLNovel

Top Green Tea Has Become a Heartthrob In Escape GamesChapter 74 end

Top green tea Su Xiaoxi just wants to be a good girl with a simple mind. But she entered the dangerous escape game and could only continue to operate. Green tea guidelines: 1. Use more vests to protect yourself. 2. Call your brother a few more times to protect yourself. 3. Find a few spare tires and protect yourself. 4. Protect yourself by shed a few more tears. Facing NPC: Brother, happy birthday. No one remembers your birthday before. It must be sad, right? (Hoo Han Wen Nuan. jpg) Facing the ghost: Brother, your head turned off, does it hurt? Can I blow for you? (It hurts to tears. jpg) Face the player: Brother, you just punched someone! It’s too great! Could you let me touch your six pack abs? In this way, she unknowingly became a heartthrob in the escape game, killing both men and women. All the NPCs love her, all the ghosts protect her, and the little brothers do their best for her. She got mixed up and quickly escaped from the game. However, she did not expect that the cooler tyrant’s chief little brother, the gentle neighbor’s little brother, the clingy milk dog, the violent and fierce little brother, and the spare tire number 123456… Are all tm the same person? ? ? [Male Lead Version-When the upright, cold and abstinent male lead was played crazy] After being used countless times by her, he felt soft when she called her brother, and his heart broke when she cried. Finally, she stripped off all her vests and caught her. So, hush—how should you punish her? Can’t escape anymore! #It turns out that we all have a thousand vests! # #本想是修罗场Results directly in the small black house# #I thought I was acting green tea. I didn’t expect you to be better than me.# #Top green tea is finally playing off today# #玩脱、脱了QAQ# Content label: Sweet text Shuang text Search keyword: Protagonist: Supporting role: Other: One-sentence brief: Can you escape the palm of his hand if you escape the game? Purpose: No matter what you do, you can bear the consequences to be excellent - Description from MTLNovel

Quick Transmmigration: The Diseased Male Protagonist is Turning BlackChapter 277 season finale#

“It seems that I can’t control myself anymore. I really want to eat you, bite by bite.” The cold blade touched Xia Linyin’s cheek lightly, and the handsome man in front of her smiled like an evil demon. The game is almost cleared, but what should I do if the hidden boss becomes black? Wait online! urgent! “Actually… you don’t need to be so bloody, there is another way to eat it.” Xia Linyin, who had been eaten and wiped out, regretted it, but the man behind him hugged her satisfactorily, smiling enchantingly, “I have never been so happy.” - Description from MTLNovel

I Made the World MutateChapter 1160 season finale

I accidentally changed the whole world, the resurrection of the dead, genetic variation, recovery of the qi, mountain and seas reborn, land and seas expanded and evil spirits have started to appear. Ghosts are now commonplace. Some people now have three heads and six arms. Some people have obtained martial arts techniques and ordinary people are now just cannon fodder. Fortunately, I have acquired an ability which can make various items mutate. books into martial arts or cultivation manuals, fruits into precious treasures of heaven and earth or poison that you can only imagine and… weapons, that can split the earth or gain sentience! - Description from Novelupdates

Dark Blood AgeChapter 1853 Real opponent

A mysterious natural phenomenon caused the Earth to be plunged into darkness. The world turned into an endless bloody chaos and mankind is on the brink of extinction… Chu Yun Sheng, an ordinary white-collar worker, discovered his family heirloom book shining a bizarre light by accident. Out of curiosity, he tried to study the heirloom book. After a long research, he still only understood a few symbols written in the ancient book. However, he was shocked when he figured out what messages the ancient book tried to tell him: the sun will disappear, and humanity is doomed… He tried to spread the message, but no one believed him; his family and friends even tried to take him to see the psychiatrist. Eventually, he gave up telling anyone, but prepared for the apocalypse in secret. Until one day– the sun really disappeared… - Description from Novelupdates

Escape the Infinite ChambersChapter 206 - Extra (V) - (END)

One day, Luo Jian woke up from his sleep and found himself in a locked chamber where the door and window were all sealed. A note with a few lines written on it was tacked to the wall: “Escape from this room within an hour, otherwise, you will die.”

Grandson of the Holy Emperor is a NecromancerChapter 384 (END) - 202. Epilogue – The End and the Beginning

Our MC dies from an accidental electrocution and ends up inhabiting the body of a young prince in another world, his new profession being the Necromancer he chose in the game he was playing before his untimely demise. However, things are not what they seem – including his own Necromancy skills!

The Yu Brother's Case BookVolume 6 Chapter 12 + Epilogue
PsychologicalActionSlice of LifeHorror

Shao Di Yu, an orphan, is adopted as a result of of a murder case involving the deaths of his entire family. Because of some painful experiences, he refuses to speak. However, he has sharp insight; moreover, he becomes under the care of a pair of twin brothers in the police force, who also have a child currently in university. Yu Yin possesses yin-yang eyes, which allow him to see things ordinary people cannot. The two brothers happen to complement each other, and together they investigate various inconceivable incidents.

The Dungeon SeekerVolume 5 Chapter 3 part2

Junpei Takeda, a high school student, is childhood friends with Noriko Tatsumiya and is bullied by Kido Shouta. One day, while bullying Junpei, they (Junpei, Tatsumiya, & Shouta) were suddenly summoned to a different world by the whim of “God”. Summoned Heroes with cheats, or so he thought. But it turns out Junpei’s stats were even worse than an average farmer. Tricked into a deathly labyrinth by the only one he trust, he walks the journey for revenge.

Utsuro no Hako to Zero no MariaVolume 7 Chapter 1
SeinenSchool LifeActionRomance

Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria, or The Empty Box and The Zeroth Maria, tells the sinister story of Kazuki Hoshino, who is almost madly attached to his everyday life, and his antagonist Aya Otonashi, who suddenly transfers into his class—for the 13,118th time. She majestically announces to “break” him, without paying heed to anyone else around them.

Split Zone No.13Chapter 323 (END) - I’ll Take You Home

When Li Shen’s second personality acts out, her consciousness is sent to a strange place called Split Zone No.13. She is then informed that she can only return home after unraveling the truth.

Life MissionChapter 279

Life Mission – a game that has become reality.

The Villain's RedemptionChapter 313 - Eleonor Hale

“I’ll see you on the other side of the stars,” she whispered before breathing her last. …… The moment she woke up, she was in a boundless space of white with neither memory, past, nor identity. Punished by the heavens, she was tasked to travel different worlds to do some quests. She must now live the lives of countless secondary female leads to influence the world's destiny. Accompany her in her adventures in each world as she regains her memories, and the mysteries of her past life. … [Side Quest Activated: Slap the Female Lead.] [Side Quest Activated: Steal from the Male Lead.] [Side Quest Activated: Anger the Villain.] [Side Quest Activated: Create chaos during the Villain's Birthday party.] [Side Quest Activated: Kiss the Villain's Brother] [Side Quest Activated: Shoot the Villains pinky finger.] Who would have thought saving the villain is so difficult? ....................... "Would you trust me?" his voice was almost a whisper. It made her frown. Trust? How could she trust someone she doesn't know? She didn't know if she had it in her heart to trust another person aside from herself. "Who are you?" she asked. "I can't tell you." She bit her lower lip. She could feel his breathing against her cheek, and it made her want to feel more of him, more of this madness. But was it even worth the risk? "Do you know me?" She couldn't help but wonder. "You are mine, and I am yours. That's the only thing that you needed to know." ......

The Emperor Crawling Out of the GraveChapter 1346 Sacrifice is a miracle
Fan-FictionHorrorSupernaturalUrban Life

Rebirth, Haoran, the great world returned for thousands of years, crawling out of the grave, holding a skeleton frame, and opening the road to the heavens and the sentient beings. - Description from Unknown

Thriller TraineeChapter 259 After the end

The down-and-out magician Zong Jiu wears the book. He wore a horror infinite stream of draft essays and became the cannon fodder in the book that died tragically in the first round of the competition. If you want to change this to someone else, I’m afraid you will be scared to death immediately. Unexpectedly, Zong Jiu is not only not afraid, but also flying all the way, and there are frequent show operations. Once the operation was completed, the life was safe and sound, and Liangzi, the biggest villain in the whole article, also forged. Today you shame me, and tomorrow I will get it back with my backhand. It’s kind of fun to come and go. As a result, the waves returned to the waves, and one time the waves were overturned by accident. Looking at the enemy who pressed him to the ground, Zong Jiu lazily raised his eyes, “Kill if you want, don’t talk nonsense.” Being in a disadvantaged position, there is no trace of fear, but he continues to make death provocations. The man rubbed the roots of his ears with cold fingers, and the motion of pressing against the aorta suddenly stopped. “It’s a pity. I changed my mind.” - Description from Unknown

Nightmare’s CallChapter 586 - Planning: Part 2

This is a story of an ordinary boy gaining unusual powers from his nightmares… It all started when Lin Sheng experienced something strange on what he thought was just another normal day. He begins to have recurring dreams that lead him on an incredible journey of discovery as he encounters spine-chilling monsters and elusive secrets.

Terror InfinityPost Novel - Terror Infinity Afterword(Translator)

“Want to know the meaning of life? Want to live… a real life?” The world changes when you click YES. In God’s dimension, you have to keep getting stronger, keep evolving to survive one horror movie after another. Do you kill everyone in your way to reach the end as a lone king? Or fight along with your comrades and survive through the support of friends? Everything was just for staying alive. Until you find the secret of God’s dimension. Who is the real enemy? Vol 1-20 Translated by A0132 Vol 21-23 Translated by Wei

Mystical JourneyChapter 1375 - Endless Reincarnation

One moment, Luo Jing was at the brink of death after accidentally touching a power outlet while showering. The next, he was in the body of a man named Garen, with memories of a past he was never a part of flowing into his head. As he slowly gets used to the body of Garen, he begins to explore a planet beyond his own logical comprehension. His journey will see him go from surviving in a planet locked in the 20th century, to wielding secret techniques so powerful that they level cities overnight. However, his journey doesn’t end with Garen. Instead this is but the first of many bodies that Luo Jing will come to wield in his mystical journey between worlds.

Dungeon DefenseChapter 43 (END) - Volume 5

Do you know how this world ends?Become the hero and defeat the 72 Demon Lords. The game that was boasted as the absolute hardest strategy game, 『Dungeon Attack』.I used to be the ‘hero’ that had accomplished everything in this game, but after answering a suspicious survey, I found myself in the game as the weakest Demon Lord, 「Dantalian」.With only my eloquent tongue and my memories of conquest as a hero—.In order to survive as Dantalian. I shall tear this world apart.